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The audience was spell-bound at the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Award show as Winona Ryder’s face went through a gamut of expressions, while her co-star David Harbour was giving his acceptance speech. Since then, Winona Ryder SAG Awards 2017 memes have flooded the Internet.

The best performance at the Screen Actors Guild Awards [SAG] was the one which did not get any awards, but should have! We are talking about the 45-year old actress, Winona Ryder, whose reactions to fellow actor David Harbour’s acceptance speech captivated the audience and the millions of TV viewers. The Winona Ryder SAG Awards 2017 video has been springing up everywhere as people can’t stop wondering what the heck was up with Winona! Her Oscar-worthy facial expressions as Harbour read his speech (completely unaware of what’s going on beside him) have spawned some pretty hilarious memes that are now flooding the Internet. The hilarious reactions of Ryder brought winning a SAG Award to a whole new level.

Gamut of Expressions

The hit TV series drama, Stranger Things won the SAG Award for the Best Ensemble Drama category and the entire cast was invited on stage to accept the award. After receiving the award on behalf of the entire cast, Harbour read his rousing speech about recent political events. As Harbour read out his speech, Ryder, who was standing right beside him, started reacting to it. Her face went through a variety of expressions where she was amused, confused, bewildered, surprised, happy and assertive. This panorama of facial expressions brought the house down, as viewers’ attention shifted to Ryder instead of Harbour.

Memes Hit the Internet

Was Winona Ryder drunk? While it certainly looked like Ryder had a few too many, there is no evidence to suggest that she had actually consumed any alcoholic substances. Some are calling the Ryder facial expressions clip the best Winona Ryder SAG Awards 2017 gif ever! People have also taken still shots from this video clip and proceeded to create numerous Winona Ryder SAG Awards 2017 memes. One viewer has written, “Winona Ryder’s face during the speech was better than most of La La Land.” Another post read, “Next time Trump gives a speech, make Winona Ryder stand next to him and translate for all of us through her facial expressions.”

A Spirited Defense

One of Ryder’s co-stars in Stranger Things defended her actions at the 23rd SAG Awards ceremony. Gaten Matarazzo said, “Oh! I think it’s because she couldn’t hear what David was saying.” When he was asked if Ryder had overshadowed Harbour’s speech, Matarazzo replied: “No, no.” Whatever the reason, this certainly proved what people have known about Ryder all along; that she is a fantastic and expressive actress. So, we are bringing you some of the most hilarious Winona Ryder SAG Awards 2017 memes that are on the Internet.

1] Shades of Winona Ryder

2] Ordering A Drink

3] A 3 Minute Journey of Self-Discovery

4] Wide Eyed Girl


5] Power To the People


If you want to see all of Winona Ryder’s reactions to the speech, just click below. Stranger things have happened at SAG Awards in the past, but this year, this one took the cake.