5 Haunting Halloween Makeup Ideas: Get Inspired for October 31!

Haunting Halloween Makeup Ideas
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Halloween is just around the corner, and people are getting excited to plan their own Halloween costumes! While some prefer to buy a costume the night before (or the day of), some are searching for Halloween makeup ideas early, in order to take their spooky looks to the next level! If you love getting creative, and putting in that extra time and effort to make your look the best, here are some great examples for you to try, or to at least get you inspired!

#1: DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Makeup is a huge part of making your completing the look of your costume! YouTube star, Kalyn Nicholson is known for her many tutorials from “How to Start a Night Routine,” to “Easy Vegan Recipes.” As a lover of all things fall, she created a video tutorial of four easy and affordable DIY Halloween costumes! First, she designed a spooky scarecrow look by defining the deep parts of her eyes and cheeks to make her look dead and scary, and then went over certain areas with black face paint to add the eerie details. She also made a Cheshire cat look with defined eyes, a huge painted smile, a skeleton, and a lazy sleepyhead look, for those who are short on time!

#2: Dead McDonald’s Worker

What a fright! This makeup look combines spooky skeletons and pop art! If you have extra time before Halloween night (and some steady hands), try out this look! Pop art makes you look like a comic book character, and adds that unique flare to your Halloween makeup. Throw in something dead and creepy, like a skeleton or zombie, and voilà! You now have a completely creative and scary Halloween look!



#3: Corpse Bride

If you’re having a tough time thinking of your own idea, why not dress up as one of your favorite movie characters? This Corpse Bride look is absolutely perfect for all ladies, and the look is so accurate that no one will question who you are! The look includes long, wavy, black hair, dusty pink lips, heavy eye makeup, and black eyes! Don’t forget the green maggot under the eye! Perfectly bone-chilling!

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#4: The Joker

Why so serious? One of the best looks for guys, this Joker is absolutely on point! It includes temporary green hair dye, white makeup for the face, dark purple lipstick, and black eyeliner to line the eyes. Dress up in a dark blazer and red tie, and there you have it! Be sure to watch The Dark Knight to brush up on your lines, and you’ll have everyone convinced!

#5: Trippy Double Vision Halloween Makeup

If you want to confuse the daylights out of your friends, you must see this makeup tutorial! YouTube user, Roxxasaurus will teach you how to achieve a makeup look so trippy, your friends will think they’re seeing double! Originally created by YouTuber, Promise Phan (dope2111), you can create extra features on your face to make you look totally psychedelic!

Well, there you have it! We hope you enjoyed these five terrific Halloween makeup ideas! Be sure to check out our other Halloween costume idea articles for even more haunting fun!

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