5 Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Face Makeup Ideas

Easy Last Minute Halloween Face Makeup Ideas
Photo: Thomas Lohnes / Stringer / Getty Images

Halloween is just around the corner, and people are getting excited to plan their own costumes! While some prefer to buy a Halloween costume the night before, or the day of, others are searching for easy Halloween makeup ideas to take their spooky looks to the next level! Halloween face makeup tutorials are a great inspiration to help you perfect and complete your look. Thanks to social media, there are hundreds of easy DIY Halloween face makeup tutorials to check out. If you’re looking for last minute Halloween face makeup ideas, we’ve compiled a list of awesome, yet simple, looks that won’t take up too much of your time. Now you can make sure Halloween 2016 is the best one ever! Websites such as Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, make it so easy to find tutorials for the specific look you’re going for, and they are also great sources for brand new ideas— especially if you can’t figure out what to dress up as! Whether you want to be a vampire, a tiger, a scarecrow or a mouse, you can create the look you hope to achieve without breaking the bank! Many YouTube stars use affordable makeup and face paint to get their desired Halloween look.

#1. Easy Vampire Look

YouTube user, Sarocha B., created an eerily beautiful vampire look in a very short time! She focused on accentuating the dead eyes and haunting cracks in her cheeks. Using black makeup, she defined the shadows on her face to make her look deadly. She perfected the look with bright red lips, blood trails down the sides of her mouth, and fresh bite marks on her neck. Her “4 Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas” tutorial also includes Bambi/Deer, Spider Web, and Creepy Rag Doll! Check it out!

#2. Spooky Scarecrow

Cammie Scott created her own series of tutorials for last minute Halloween costumes. In her first tutorial, she shows viewers how to turn themselves into a Scarecrow! She begins with the pink stitched-on nose, then lines her eyes, and makes a stitched smile. Once she draws on the rosy cheeks, she adds the hat and a plaid shirt and there you have it!

#3. Leopard Look

YouTube user, Trina Duhra created a beautiful Leopard makeup tutorial, which is perfect for the ladies who want to dress up without going too overboard. The look is primarily defined by the intense eye makeup, and the trail of leopard spots that come down from her forehead to one side of her cheek. Using golds and browns, the look is elegant and beautiful!

#4. Halloween Black Cat

This cute tutorial was designed by Danielle Mansutti! She begins her cat look by applying heavy foundation as a base, lining her eyebrows and defining her eyes, before making the key cat features like the nose, whiskers, and mouth. When she is finished, she is transformed into a dazzling feline!

#5. Floating Head

Want to completely freak your friends out? Roxxsaurus created a makeup tutorial that shows you how to create a floating head! The makeup is mostly on your neck, so you’re free to do whatever you want with the rest of your face. Whether you want to simply go as yourself, or create a specific headless character, this look is absolutely haunting!



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