5 Critical Facts About Sex with Men Over 50


Some of the most common questions we see about couples with a big age gap, particularly when it’s a younger woman in a relationship with an older man, are about sex. A lot of people assume that if he’s much older, the sex can’t possibly be as good in the age gap relationship as it would be with a younger man, because he’s “too old.” However, as a recent U.K. study shows, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

A popular magazine surveyed over 1,000 adults over 50, and the results clearly show that age means nothing when it comes to sex. If you’re worried about not enough sex in an age gap relationship, you shouldn’t, because a whopping 96% of the mature men surveyed believe that sex is a necessary pleasure in life, and almost half of them (46%) ideally want to have sex two to three times a week—almost a third (28%) want it every day.

Other findings from the survey show that sex can be far from boring in an age gap relationship, because not only do older men want more sex, they’re also not afraid to try new (and naughty) things in the bedroom. Instead of same old missionary, most of the older men rated doggy style as the top sex position, and about half admitted to using a sex toy.

Interestingly, the majority (72%) of older men surveyed said their ideal night in would be a night filled with wild, passionate sex. Still think sex in an age gap relationship would be lame? Think again! In fact, if these findings are any indication, you may want to start looking for a relationship with an older man for yourself.



“Over 50s sex survey: 70% of women love using TOYS in the bedroom,” Mirror web site, February 8, 2015; http://goo.gl/coH18X.



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