Robert Downey Jr. Joins Captain America 3 For Civil War. (Credits: BagoGames/flickr,

If the Captain America: Civil War trailer wasn’t enough to get fans excited to see the latest Marvel movie, then these Civil War spoilers should get the job done.

Fans have even gone as far as creating their own Chris Evans Instagram accounts littered with pictures, spoilers, and fan art. Robert Downey Jr.’s Instagram account has also been up to its fair share of promotion for the upcoming blockbuster, from real-life soldiers to fan art of his own (such a dedicated employee).

The film is predicted to be the best action movie of all time, which sounds believable since the Captain America: Civil War cast is stacked with most of the Avengers, except for Hulk and Thor.

If you haven’t decided whether you’re on Team Captain America or Team Iron Man, these clips should help you choose. Here are the Captain America: Civil War videos you must watch.

Captain America on a Mission

Here, you see Captain America, Scarlet Witch, and Falcon on a mission to track down Crossbones, the movie’s more-obvious villain.

Bucky vs. Black Panther 

This obvious commercial for Audi is loaded with a spoiler of Bucky trying to escape Black Panther, but it’s safe to say no one really cares about the car.

Bucky vs. the Team 

This is one the best spoiler in our opinion—we see two kick ass agents (Black Widow and Agent Carter) go toe-to-toe with Bucky (The Winter Soldier). You also get to see Tony Stark get knocked out (but not before using some cool tech), and Black Panther lands a few hits too.

Right to Choose

This scene explains part of the root of the plot as the Avengers debate whether they should be ordered to act by the government.

Enter Ant-Man

In this clip you see Scott Lang a.k.a. Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) being recruited (or abducted) by Steve Rogers. Ant-Man is the perfect choice to bring comedy to the tense and dark tone of the movie. (He also seemed to have a hilarious man-crush on Steve.)

So, whose side are you on? Captain America: Civil War hits theaters this Friday, May 6, 2016!