With Batman v Superman setting records at the box office this past weekend, it seems fitting to look at some real-life superheroes. And by real life we mean celebrity life, of course, and some of our favorite celebs may very well be superheroes themselves. Let’s take a look at our favourites:

Hugh Jackman

It turns out Hugh Jackman is taking his Wolverine superhero persona a lot more seriously these days. Just days ago, Hugh rescued his son and another swimmer from a rip on an Australian beach. The waves from Bondi Beach ended up being a bit too strong, so Jackman had to pull both his son and the other swimmer to shore. Way to go, Hugh! And all this without Professor X to help you out!

Jamie Foxx

Just recently, the Django Unchained star pulled a man out of a burning car. CNN affiliate KCAL reported that a 32-year-old man had crashed his truck into a drainage ditch and the vehicle had caught fire. Foxx literally pulled the man out of the truck moments before it went up in flames. Sounds like a movie, but we swear it’s true!  


Mila Kunis

When Mila is not taking on challenging acting roles, she’s out saving lives. According to a 2012 report from TMZ, Kunis rushed to help an older gentleman—who was working in her home—when the man had a seizure. She tilted his head to the side so he didn’t accidentally swallow his tongue, which is a real concern for those suffering from seizures. Hurray for Mila—a true superhero!

Kate Winslet

Talk about owing someone a favor. When a fire broke out in one of the houses on Richard Branson’s private island, Winslett carried his 90-year-old grandmother to safety. Branson later told The Telegraph that although his grandmother could still walk, everyone needed to get out quickly. “She was great,” he said about Winslet. Let’s hope he still remembers that!

John Barrowman

This is a really taking crime fighting to another level. According to WalesOnline, when the Doctor Who actor heard a woman in the hotel room next door screaming, he ran to see a young teen had broken into her room. Barrowman then proceeded to chase the assailant out, grabbed him by the foot before he could escape through the staff elevator, and kept him there till the police arrived. To top it all off, while he was waiting for the authorities, he offered the teen a job in a play he was readying that summer!

Many of us already look at celebrities as being somewhat superhuman, but these five would make any Marvel fan proud!

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