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That glamorous spotlight does not favor just anybody; you must have that character to pull it towards you. While most of us chase fame, the limelight tends to be more attracted to a select few. That’s exactly how Blac Chyna’s journey in Hollywood has been. She has basked in the Hollywood heat for the past five years and has reached a stage where she’s become a celebrity on her own terms. May 11 marks Blac Chyna’s birthday, and the model/entrepreneur will turn 28. Everyone’s busy looking out for the hottest and the latest spice in the life of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. People are keen to find the true answer to “Is Blac Chyna pregnant?” And, they also aren’t sure if they should address her as Blac Chyna or Angela Kardashian!

Well, that’s just the most recent moments from the 27-year-old diva’s life. She’s about to be one of the most “happening” stars of 2016. This year has been a joyride for Chyna, and her name has certainly toppled other searches from all over the world. The former “video vixen” is now preparing to be the new addition to reality television stardom. Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s relationship has made them the most-trending couple of the year. Gossip about Blac Chyna’s life never seems to end, making her as famous as her soon-to-be Kardashian in-laws.

Blac Chyna will celebrate her 28th birthday on May 11 (tomorrow), ending another year of blissful life. While the Kardashians (except Rob) haven’t stated their stand on accepting Chyna into their life, the whole world has already accepted her as a star. She now has millions of fans and followers who keep wishing the best for her.

So, these five best moments will help you see how Blac Chyna is a one-of-a-kind star.

5 Best Moments of Blac Chyna

Dating Tyga & Being Mother to King Cairo

Chyna first became famous for dating rapper Tyga in 2011. Chyna was a model in several hip hop music videos and was quite the “eye candy.” Chyna and Tyga met at Chris Brown’s after party and began dating. After being featured in Tyga’s music videos, Chyna and Tyga became an official couple. In 2012, she gave birth to their son King Cairo Stevenson. Sadly, Chyna separated from Tyga just months after their engagement. But, their relationship gave her enough reach to make something on her own.

Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian

No one can be sure why Chyna is not accepted in the Kardashian family, but some guess that it may be awkward when she come face to face with Kylie Jenner. Chyna has been in a relationship with Rob Kardashian, Kylie’s step-brother, as of January 2016. Within months, the couple got serious and even got engaged! This means only one thing: Chyna will soon be a Kardashian gal. After they get married some time soon, Rob may introduce her to the family. Kylie is now in a serious relationship with Tyga, Chyna’s ex. There’s no doubt that her relationship with Rob Kardashian has boosted her fame and success, but it also has raised a lot of eyebrows.

Chyna Changes Her Name

Dating Rob Kardashian is undoubtedly the best moment in Chyna’s life, right after her giving birth to King Cairo. Her baby boy and her fiance are all that matter to Chyna. That’s why she’s decided to change her name. Her real name is Angela Renee White and Blac Chyna was just a stage name. It’s reported that she will now be legally called Angela Renee Kardashian.

Blac Chyna’s Emoji App

The other best part about Chyna are her entrepreneurial skills. Besides running a cosmetic products line called the Lashed Bar, Chyna is one her way to earn more millions with the launch of her own mobile app. Just like her BFF Amber Rose, Chyna has released her emoji app called Chymoji. Considering the unusual variety of emoticons in it, Chymoji is probably going to be a sell-out!

Blac Chyna’s Pregnant, Again!

Her relationship with Rob has gotten way more serious. Recently, it was officially announced that Chyna was pregnant with her second child, and her first with Kardashian. While we can not speculate more on this, we hope that Chyna keeps a check on her health for the new Kardashian baby!