4th of July 2016: Here Are the 4 Top 4th of July Desserts by Celebrity Chefs

4th of July Desserts
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Happy Fourth of July to all of our American readers! Hopefully you’re enjoying your day off and celebrating Independence Day with your loved ones, some good weather, and delicious food. However, while a patriotic main course is simple to think up (SPOILER: burgers), you may be left scratching your head thinking of top-notch Fourth of July desserts. Luckily, a few of the best celebrity chefs have got you covered and have shared their own easy 4th of July desserts that anyone can make and are can be served on any given day—not just Independence Day. Read on for four great 4th of July desserts.

Emeril Lagasse’s Apple Pie Granita

Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse has been a presence in American kitchens for years, and now he’s put an American spin on the classic granita: a sugar- and water-based dessert most commonly associated with Italy. Few things are as associated with the U.S. as apple pie, though here, it’s being substituted with apple juice. It’s also high in vitamin C and antioxidants, which could be said to represent the American health craze. You can read about how to make it here.

Jamie Oliver’s New York Vanilla Cheesecake with Blueberries

Jamie Oliver himself is British, but as far as 4th of July food goes, his New York vanilla cheesecake with blueberries definitely takes the cake. “Baked the American way,” the recipe reads, the cheesecake can satisfy everyone as it serves 10 and is a great option if you have any vegetarians present. And what’s more, it’s incredibly easy to make and only takes an hour to prepare, not counting chilling time. The list of ingredients is a tad longer than the other options on this list, including cream, cheese, eggs, sugar and, of course, blueberries, but a lot of the necessary items are things that the average American kitchen will already contain, so don’t worry if this seems like it would be an expensive option!

Nigella Lawson’s Forgotten Pudding


Nigella Lawson joins Jamie Oliver as a Brit celebrating the United States. This tasty pudding gets its name from the way the oven is turned off to leave the pudding it in there overnight, meaning you may risk forgetting it’s there entirely. However, according to Lawson, once you eat this pudding, it could “never be forgotten.” As for why it is considered a great 4th of July food, it all comes from the presentation, which boasts red (strawberries), white (cream), and blue (blackberries—just roll with it) in addition to the vanilla extract and passion fruit contained within.

Guy Fieri’s Tequila Bars

Face it: alcohol is a big part of any Fourth of July celebration. So, while Guy Fieri’s tequila bars may not be July 4th-themed per se, they definitely fit the bill of meeting a party’s need for something harder to drink. And don’t worry: the recipe, which makes 16 bars, only uses 1/3 of a cup of tequila, so guests driving home won’t get hammered from these. That being said, always remember to drink (and eat) responsibly. You can find the recipe here.



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