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This Friday is a special day and not because it’s the end of the work week. April 20 marks a big day for pot enthusiasts, especially in California. The Golden State will be celebrating its first Weed Day since marijuana officially became legally. Of course, such a major unofficial holiday can’t be complete without some funny 420 memes!

The number 420 has some major symbolism in cannabis culture, which means that April 20 is more than just the start of the weekend. With marijuana legal in some states, Weed Day is going to have some grandeur this year.

As the story goes, students in California in the ‘70s came up with “420” as a code for smoking pot. These kids would skirt parents, teachers, and cops and get high smoking marijuana at 4:20 p.m. after school. Decades later, 420 became a mainstream term in pop culture. 420 (also written as 4/20 and 4:20) is becoming more and more popular as an “unofficial holiday” as the culture surrounding cannabis continues to increase. In fact, marijuana has already been legalized in nine states!


California has a lineup of events throughout the state, since legalizing marijuana at the start of 2018. But you don’t have to be a cannabis enthusiast to celebrate this unofficial holiday.

Whether you celebrate Weed Day or not, this compilation of 420 memes will have you ROFL with or without pot!

#1. TGIF! Amirite?


#2. That Friend Who Takes Everything Literally

#3. And Yet, 420 Is Unofficial…

#4. Stewie and Brian Never Lie


#5. Even the Ex-Prez Is In!

Two days til ChronicFest III! Head to the event page on FB to learn how you could score a double pass to Friday’s show for 4/20!


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#6. Who Called for Pizza?

#7. The War’s Not Over Yet

#8. That’s Why Oprah Is the Queen of Entertainment!


#9. Gotta Smoke ’Em All!

#10. When Not Everyone’s in the 420 Spirit…

#11. Can’t Argue with That Logic!

#12. 420 Mood: Snoop Dogg

#13. Flawless Planning


#14. Creativity at an All-Time High.

#15. That Loophole

Put your hands in the air -YB #420

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#16. Celebrating 420 at Work

#17. 4:25 P.M. on April 20

#18. Fact!


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#19. Because Aliens Missed Their April 18 Invasion

#20. Who’s a Good Boi?

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