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Nick Viall is still searching for love on reality TV, and this time 30 hopefuls entered the show to win his heart, with 21 girls still in the competition on The Bachelor season 21. Dominique Alexis, a restaurant server from LA is one of those contestants vying to win over Nick Viall. Read on to find out more about Dominique Alexis’ mom, dad, siblings, and dog.

Nick Viall has had no luck in two seasons of The Bachelorette. Nor has he had luck during his stint on Bachelor in Paradise. But he’s set to change things on the latest season of The Bachelor. The Bachelor season 21 started with 30 gorgeous ladies and now, two episodes later, only 21 remain including 25-year-old Dominique Alexis. Though Alexis hasn’t had her time to shine yet, she did get the chance to share her excitement with Viall. But not much about her life outside The Bachelor is known yet. We have gone through her social media accounts and found some information on her family. Here are some interesting facts to know about The Bachelor contestant, Dominique Alexis’ family.

#1. She Moved from New York to Los Angeles

Alexis’ Instagram profile states, “The adventures of a Brooklyn girl in la la land.” She currently lives in Los Angeles where she works as a server. Though the reason for her cross-country move is not mentioned, many have a good guess.

If you know a thing or two about how Hollywood works, you’ll know that most people trying to make it into the industry shift to the City of Dreams. Between auditions, many of these people work in restaurants to pay their bills. So, it’s a safe assumption that Alexis came to LA hoping to be an actress. She even has a tiny IMDB page and has played a small role as a Ben Affleck fan in the short video, I’m Trumping Matt Damon. Now that she’s broken into reality TV, maybe her dreams of becoming an actress aren’t that far away.


#2. Dominique Alexis’ Mom and Dad

Alexis hasn’t spoken much about her parents on the show. Her parents aren’t in her LA Instagram posts. Considering she’s a girl who posts a lot about her family, we presume that her parents still live in New York.


Dominique Alexis has posted throwback pictures of her dad, Lionel Alexis, and mom (whose name is not known). On Twitter, she has hinted that her parents are very religious and have raised their two daughters and son the same way.


And sometimes we're classy ???#congratsstephan

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#3. How Many Siblings Does Dominique Alexis Have?

Dominique Alexis has a sister named Lorraine Charles. According to Charles’ Instagram account, she’s married and works as a resident physician. A series of posts by Alexis show that her entire family (except for her brother) had traveled to Nashville for Charles’ graduation. Lorraine Charles also won the title of Mrs. Haiti International 2014.

??????? #drlc2014

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Dominique Alexis’ brother, Stephen Alexis, serves in the United States Marine Corps. She has often posted pictures of her visits to Combat Center 29 Palms with her brother.

Congrats Stephan! You're gonna kill it in the Fleet ????

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#4. She Can’t Live Without Her Dog

When asked about the five things she can’t live without, Alexis named “My dog, my family, Chipotle burritos, music, and sunshine” in her bio. Alexis had adopted a dog over a year ago and the “snuggle bug” named Cooper is pretty much family for her. Alexis shares pictures of Cooper as much as she does about her family and their bond is too cute to be put in words!

Dominique Alexis is still in the running for Nick Viall’s heart on The Bachelor. Don’t miss the jaw-dropping drama Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. EST only on ABC.

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