Image by Ibro Palic from Pixabay

According to CNN, Kim Kardashian was held and robbed at gunpoint in a Paris apartment, early Monday morning. She is reportedly unharmed but badly shaken because of the incident. This is not the first time a Hollywood celebrity was held at gunpoint. There are actually quite a few celebrities who have gone through the same incident, more or less. If after hearing the news of Kim Kardashian’s hostage situation you have been searching the Internet for more information about, “Kim Kardashian held at gunpoint,” “Kim Kardashian robbed,” or “Kanye West stops show and ends concert,” then you have come to the right place. The interesting thing is, Kim Kardashian isn’t the only celeb to have lived through an experience like this one. So, we’ve compiled a list of Hollywood actors and actresses who have been through a similar situation.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was in Paris attending Paris Fashion Week, but her trip to the most romantic city in the world has turned ugly. According to CNN, on early Monday morning at around 2:30 a.m., a few men dressed as police officers entered the building and handcuffed the night guard. Later, they entered Kardashian’s room, threatened her and locked her in the bathroom. According to sources, she was physically unharmed but is badly shaken due to the entire incident.

Her husband, Kanye West abruptly stopped his concert in New York as soon as he was informed. Kardashian claims that the robbers stole nearly $11.0 million in jewelry. According to reports, a jewelry box worth $6.7 million and a ring worth $4.5 million were stolen by the men. The cops in Paris are questioning a photographer, who was noticed following Kim Kardashian and her family. Apparently, this photographer had the information about where she was staying in Paris. During the incident her kids North and Saint were not in the room. Currently, she is surrounded by her family members, including her mother, Kris Jenner and husband, Kanye West.


In 2013, Madonna opened up about her terrifying experience in New York during her early singing career. According to Harper’s Bazaar, she said that she was held at gunpoint and was raped on the roof a building. Madonna claims that her first year in New York was horrible. Madonna was just 19, however, she never reported the incident to the police, because she was scared of the humiliation the news would bring.

Ryan Lochte

Ryan is another celebrity who was robbed at gunpoint. The incident happened on the early morning of August 14 at a gas station, when he was with three other U.S. swimmers and few guys with police badges stopped their cab. According to Lochte, these guys pulled out their guns and asked the swimmers to get down on the ground. Initially, Ryan refused to do so, but one of the thieves removed the gun and put it to his head. Ryan said that the robbers took his money and wallet but left his cell phone and his credentials. The entire incident was reported to the police and investigation was held. However, it was later revealed that the details of Lochte’s story were a little skewed. Apparently, it was Lochte and his friends who showed up to the gas station drunk and disorderly, causing damages to the washroom. That’s when a security official took out his gun to deal with the band of drunken misfits. The weapon was never fired, nor was it put to Lochte’s head.

Nicole Scherzinger

Being a major celebrity means you have to be constantly surrounded by bodyguards. Even singer, Nicole Scherzinger has faced a similar situation. In 2011, Nicole was traveling with X Factor choreographer, Brian Friedman in Mexico. They were heading out to their video shoot when their car was pulled over by men carrying guns. Although, Scherzinger and the choreographer were not harmed, they were left quite shaken by the entire ordeal. It was believed that they group of guys were a local gang.

The above incidents definitely prove that there are many celebrities who have faced a similar situations involving guns. It seems that being a celebrity doesn’t excuse you from being a target for heinous crimes. After Kim Kardashian’s incident, we really hope the perpetrators are caught.