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Nothing like a special day to share some rib-tickling memes. It looks like society has finally caved in and the dads get a Mothers Day…err… Father’s Day too! Hurray for Dads!

Remember how dads get whiny on Mothers Day for not getting a special day of their own. We love teasing dads by saying Fathers Day is not as real as Mothers Day but we all know fathers are special. And they deserve a day to themselves too. Because there’s no day-offs for being a dad. Dads have the best (read: sappiest, lamest, facepalm-worthy) sense of humor which sometimes is a little hard to laugh at. We need to get fathers in with the 2017 sense of humor and that is personified by memes. If your dad’s sending you funny memes after this, we’ll gladly take the blame. We’ve scoured the Internet for the best memes and jokes for dads and by dads. If you think your father is the best comedian, you need to share with them these hilarious Fathers Day memes.

#1 Love the sass dad…Happy Fathers Day.

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#2 Great time to jump on the social media bandwagon.

Happy Father's Day, Dads! ? From your ?APPLE420 team! ? 21+ ONLY #apple420 #happyfathersday #fathersday #sunday #sundaze #fathersdaymeme #meme #socialmedia #facebook #postoftheday #losangeles #california #ilovela #dad #family #westcoast #love



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#3 Dad World Problems.

#4 See this is why we have Mothers Day.

#5 Is this a good time to ask for a raise in our allowance?

#6 Dads are resourceful.

#7 And they say fathers can’t tell.

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#8 There’s a point.

#9 Take a hint dad.

#10 Probably wasn’t easy for dads to keep up with all the phases.

Happy Father's Day to someone who stuck around even through my goth phase.

#11 That’s a lie. There’s no such thing as “slightly less embarrassing”.

Dad, thanks for being slightly less embarrassing than all the other dads.

#12 Who do I text to tell mom to look at the text?

Dad, thanks for responding to my Father's Day text after I texted mom to tell you to look at your phone.

#13 Dad understands.

#14 Not if mom does it.

Abracadammit! By @fowllanguagecomics

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#15 You can’t have Mom’s gift.

Best Father's Day present ever.

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#16 Sometimes we think other dads are cooler but our own dad is the best.

You're the world's greatest dad although my frame of reference is limited

#17 It’s the green button, not the red.

Dad, just want to warn you ahead of time that I'll be calling you to have a conversation on Father's Day.

#18 A word of advice to dads.

#19 Yes, yes, we get it dad.

#20 Since it’s Fathers Day we’ll let you embarrass us this once.

#21 For all the dads who are still in that stage.

#22 They’re no Superman but dad’s can do some pretty heroic stuff.

#23 Sending love to dads working on Fathers Day.

#24 Single-child parents have nothing to worry about.

#25 That’s why we have the memes.

Dad, never change aside from learning what's considered offensive to say in 2017.

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