Happy Father's Day (Photo: Pixabay/Prawny)

Happy Father’s Day! Today’s a day for breakfast in bed, BBQ, beer, naps, dad’s game on TV, tossing the football around a little, more naps, a game of golf…and lots of laughs. So nothing like a special day like today to share some rib-tickling Father’s Day memes. Laugh it up, daddies everywhere! 

Dads are special. And they deserve a day to themselves, too, because there are no real days off when you’re a dad. How do they do it? Well, it’s all about having a good sense of humor. Dads have the “best” (read: sappiest, lamest, facepalm-worthy) sense of humor, right? At least they think they do. So we’re going to honor the “dad joke” tradition with some of our favorite memes and jokes for and by dads.

Make sure you share these 25 Father’s Day memes with your beloved pops and all the other dads you know!

#1 Love the sass dad…Happy Father’s Day.

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#2 Great time to jump on the social media bandwagon.

#3 “Dad World” Problems.

#4 See; this is why we have Mother’s Day.

#5 Is this a good time to ask for a raise in our allowance?

#6 Dads are resourceful.

#7 And they say fathers can’t tell.

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#8 He has a point.

#9 Take a hint, dad.

#10 It’s not easy for dads to keep up with all the phases.

Happy Father's Day to someone who stuck around even through my goth phase.

#11 Kids, be thankful for small blessings.

Dad, thanks for being slightly less embarrassing than all the other dads.

#12 Who do I text to tell mom to look at the text?

Dad, thanks for responding to my Father's Day text after I texted mom to tell you to look at your phone.

#13 Dad understands.

#14 Not if mom does it.

Abracadammit! By @fowllanguagecomics

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#15 You can’t have Mom’s gift.

Best Father's Day present ever.

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#16 Other dads might be cooler, but your own dad is the best.

You're the world's greatest dad although my frame of reference is limited

#17 It’s the green button, not the red.

Dad, just want to warn you ahead of time that I'll be calling you to have a conversation on Father's Day.

#18 A word of advice to dads…

#19 Yes, yes, we get it dad.

#20 Since it’s Father’s Day, we’ll let you embarrass us this once.

#21 For all the dads who are still in that stage.

#22 Who needs Superman when you have a dad?

#23 Sending love to dads working on Father’s Day.

#24 Single-child parents have nothing to worry about.

#25 Someone has to teach them right from…er…wrong.

Father_s Day: Darth Vader meme