Angry Gru ready to fire his guns. Credits: YouTube

We all know Despicable Me’s Gru and the way he calls his girls “gorls” with that thick Eastern European accent. Little did we know that someday the word will go viral on Twitter! Gorl memes are spreading like wildfire now after a user innocently posted a Gru picture!

In a hilarious twist to the already funny Despicable Me character, Gru, people are generating memes with his face on every single girl you could think off. And they’re posting it by the boat-loads on Twitter!

The pointy nose and the beady eyes have now replaced any face of a “gorl!” So, we’ve put together a list of 25 of the funniest Gorls memes for your viewing pleasure.

#1. Who Is Your Favorite K-Pop Gorl?

#2. Gorl, I Got Your Back!

#3. Ugly Is What Put That Gorl in Her Grave

#4. Tracee Ellis Ross Going Gorrrrrl!

#5. Gorl, You Need a Brow Kit!

#6. Is It Me or Does That Really Look Like Amy Farrah Fowler?

#7. Life in Plastic, It’s Fantastic!

#8. Can We Let This One Go?

#9. You Can Always Be Mine…

#10. Now This Could Be a Prime-Time Emmy Winner!

#11. A Gorl Who Was Destined for Greatness

#12. That’s the Best You Got?

#13. That’s Better!

#14. Gorl Scouts or Cookie Bot Selling Gorls?

#15. This Is One Ugly Siren!

#16. Promiscuous? With That Face?

#17. Gorl’s Got Style

#18. Why Do Evil Geniuses Want to Be Ariel All the Time?

#19. A Gorl Who Has Everything Indeed

#20. Oh! The Horror!

#21. Gru-llen Keller, a Gorl Who Inspired Many!