20 Valentine’s Gifts for Him: Terrific Ideas for All Gift-Buyers

20 Valentine Gifts for Him
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Valentine’s Day is finally here and gift-buyers are already trying to think of ideas for their special someone. While women may be easy to shop for, thanks to their universal love for spa-related items, makeup, clothes, shoes, chocolate, and dinner dates, shopping for Valentine’s gifts for men may not be as easy a task.

Thankfully we’ve come up with 20 Valentine’s gifts for him that will suit the interests of all types of men! Whether he’s a movie buff, a hobby hunter, a tech-lover, or a hopeless romantic, there’s something for him on our Valentine’s Day gifts for him list! Instead of getting him another tie, a pair of socks, or dress shirts like you’ve done in the past, try one of these unique and well-thought-out gifts, which are available on Amazon! If you don’t have time to spend an entire weekend creating your own cute Valentine’s gift for him, these options will show that you’re paying attention to his interests. Check out our items below for some terrific ideas and make Valentine’s Day 2017 the best one he’s ever had!

Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

1) Laser Engraved Pocket Knife

Is your special guy a handy man? Does he like collectible items? Then why not get him a laser engraved pocket knife? Items like these often allow up to two lines of text to be engraved deep into the wood, making the text easy to read. A belt/pocket clip is drilled into the handle, so he can always have convenient access to it while on fishing, hunting, or camping trips!

2) Hombre Body Beard Oil & Comb Kit

Does your boyfriend or husband love sporting a beard? Help him keep it in perfect condition with this beard oil and comb kit by Hombre Body. The ingredients are organic and the product is unscented, so whether he has sensitive or tough skin, the oil will be gentle and conditioning.


3) Multi-Functioning Watch

What do a cigarette lighter, USB charging system, and a watch have in common? Nothing. But this stylish and fashionable watch comes with all three! The Novelty Quartz watch includes a built-in windproof lighter and can be easily charged at your desk, in your car, or from any USB port in your home. Nifty!

4) Copper Coffee Mug

Made of 100 percent pure and solid copper, you can enjoy any hot or cold drink in this 16oz Moscow Mule mug. The cup is different because it has no inner lining, plating or alloying, and without a food lacquer lining, it’s also anti-bacterial! The unique look also stands out and fits any kitchen decor.

5) Movie Night Gift Box

If your Valentine loves movies, this gift box set is the perfect idea for a date night! Curl up in front of his favorite movie and enjoy an assortment of sweet and salty snacks. The box is designed like a clapper and is wrapped with film ribbon! This is one of the best options for V-Day, as the set and some quality time together is the perfect gift.


6) Are You My Boyfriend Book

A sentimental gift for boyfriends, this book is seen in The New York Times and tells a heartfelt story about the search for love and letting it find you. The uplifting picture book for grown-ups takes readers along an inspiring journey of hope and discovery. You’ll enjoy reading this story with your loved one throughout the years.

7) Matching Spongebob Underwear

This fun couples underwear set is a great gift for Valentine’s day! They are made of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex, and they’re a lot of fun to wear! They’re also a great gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversaries, or birthdays.

8) Vintage Leather Journal

If your special guy loves to travel or write, this handmade embossed leather journal is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! Even better, the pages are refillable so he can use its rustic cover and binding over and over again! It also seals with an antiqued brass swing clasp for an extra vintage touch.

9) At-Home Shaving Set

This wet shave kit is a practical and fancy gift for men who like a barber-style shave. The items in the kit have a chrome finish and an elegant razor stand to store the products perfectly. The kit includes a deluxe pure badger bristle brush with a chrome handle, a silver tone double-edge blade with a non-slip metal handle, and extra super stainless steel blades. Give your brother, father, boyfriend, or husband a close shave this February!

10) Beer Bottle Cooler Insulator Set

This cooler insulator set by Mr. Wellbeing is a great option for men who like to travel, or for cottage trips over the weekend. It will keep his beer, cider, water, or soda icy cold thanks to the BPA-free Neoprene on the inside. It fits most glass bottles, easily twists on and off, and the included silicon cap allows him to close it safely without any spills.

11) Aoneky Compact Monocular Telescope

Another great option for a man who loves the outdoors, this 10×40 magnifying telescope has one monocle, making it easy for spotting prey on hunting trips without using up both his hands! It includes multi-layer broadband coating technology, dual lens adjustment, and a lens cap that protects the scope from rain, dust, and fog. It also operates in night vision!

12) “Property Of” Boxer Briefs

Why shop for regular underwear when you can buy your man a gift that claims him? This cheeky boxer brief has “Property of [Name Here]” written on the back and is a funny way of expressing your love.

13) Best Dad Mug

This family-friendly mug is a great gift for dads on Valentine’s Day. The mug is Star-Wars themed with “Best Dad in the Galaxy” written on it. He’ll want to keep the mug at his desk to show off to his co-workers!

14) Wooden Docking Station

Compatible with all cell phones, this wooden docking station is easy to assemble and will give his office a woodsy look. The station keeps your items organized with places to store your phone, wallet, watch, and keys, and always displays them nicely.

15) Bulletproof Shot Glass

This 1.75 oz shot glass is a great gift for any man. The high-quality, heavy glass, feels good in the hand and includes a lead-free 0.308 caliber real bullet! How manly is that? If a shot glass isn’t his style, there are also 7.5 oz rocks glasses.

16) Whiskey Stones

If you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a few drinks, these Xcellent Global Best whiskey rocks will chill his drink without diluting the flavor. The soapstone rocks won’t scuff or scratch the glass, they have no artificial taste or odor, and they won’t retain the flavor of previous beverages. The reusable rocks come in a velvet bag, so you won’t even need to wrap it!

17) 3D Desk Lamp Basketball

Does your special guy need something to liven up his work space or bedroom? This 3-dimensional desk lamp is shaped like a basketball and is fully color customizable by a smart touch button. The lamp cam glows in seven different colors: red, blue, green, yellow, pink, cyan, and white. It’s easy to use, can charge with a USB, and is a great lamp for relaxing evenings—not too dark or bright.

18) Matching Braided Bracelets

If Valentine’s Day is your anniversary, why not get something that expressed the bond between you and your special man? This GerTong couple’s bracelet set comes with two bands that are braided beautifully. Each bracelet says either “His” or “Hers” and includes a key on one and a lock on the other. Make this V-Day extra special with a gift that will remind him of all the good times you’ve had together.

19) Fisheye Lens for Smartphones

This gift is perfect for tech lovers and photographers! The fisheye lens has a 0.36 super wide angle macro lens and will capture incredible photos on his smartphone. It attaches to most smartphones and is an easy clip-on for HD photos. He’ll want to say goodbye to selfie sticks because he’ll be able to capture larger ranges, huge groups of people, buildings, and landscapes like never before!

 20) Beef Jerky Sampler Pack

Another great snack gift option for Valentine’s Day, this 12-piece beef jerky sampler pack includes assorted flavors like BBQ, chipotle, hickory pepper, honey pepper, mesquite, original, spicy, teriyaki, Cajun, black pepper, and sweet n’ spicy! It’s a great idea for men who work as drivers—these delicious treats are packed with protein so his hunger will be satisfied no matter what time of day or night!

Beef Jerky Sampler Pack Valentines Day Gift

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