2 Republican State Reps Caught Getting Frisky In a Car, Deny the Allegations

Minnesota State Representatives Deny Cheating Allegations

Politicians are like celebrities—once they’re caught doing something they’re not supposed to, it’s only a matter of time before news gets out and it’s blown out of proportion. Two Republican representatives from Minnesota, Tara Mack and Tim Kelly, are learning the hard way—they’re both denying rumors of a park ranger catching them getting hot and heavy in a car stationed at a local community park.

Both Mack and Kelly were summoned to court last week for creating a nuisance, according to the Associated Press. The ranger allegedly advanced towards a car parked at a regional park in Eagan, Minnesota at around 4:30 in the afternoon to find the pair getting frisky with Mack’s pants undone and actually pulled down. However, Mack, 51, and Kelly, 32, denied these allegations in the ranger’s citation, calling out the story as being purely false.

While both of them have held influential committee chairs since 2009 in the state’s House of Representatives, they are also both married (not to each other) with children.

In their individual statements, Mack and Kelly admitted to the Pioneer Press newspaper that they did in fact meet up in the park, but to exchange health insurance documents as Kelly was just in the area. Kelly went on to add that the ranger who approached them was initially concerned about parking violations, but then left. They also stated that the same ranger came back within ten minutes, giving them a citation for misdemeanor nuisance.


“I’ve since learned the park ranger included false information in his notes,” said Kelly. He called his story a lie and expressed his intent on moving to file a complaint.

Meanwhile, Mack described the officer’s claim as being “egregious and false,” adding that she was also planning to file a complaint of her own.

However, Sheriff Tim Leslie revealed that he believes the ranger responsible for issuing the citation, claiming that he had no reason to think otherwise. “The facts will come out as to what the deputy saw,” said Leslie. “I have no reasons to doubt the ranger and the facts he’s reporting.”


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