2 Reasons Why You Should Be Looking for a Wealthy Mature Man to Date


A recent study polled over 2,000 adults to try and find out what the most appealing qualities are in a prospective partner, and once again, the results favor age gap relationships. While the female respondents didn’t come right out and say they preferred an older man, many of their top qualities are, more often than not, found in more mature men.

For instance, 75% of women want to be with a man who’s financially responsible, the second most important quality behind having a sense of humor. Furthermore, 74% of women want someone who’s intelligent and 44% want to be with someone with a good salary. One of the main reasons women are drawn to age gap relationships is because older men are more likely to be financially stable, which provides that sense of security and protection that so many women value.

The findings from the male respondents favored age gap relationships, too. Eighty percent of them want a woman who is good looking, which explains why so many men are attracted to younger women. But 65% of the men also want a woman who’s intelligent, and 55% prefer to be with someone who’s financially responsible. In other words, men don’t want to date someone who can’t carry a conversation and who’s only interested in blowing their money. Most wealthy mature men have worked hard to be successful and probably won’t want to waste time in age gap relationships where they’re taken advantage of.

Whether you’re interested in age gap relationships or a more conventional dating style, the most important thing is that you and your partner share common values. If he places a lot of importance on life goals and family, then those should be qualities that you want, too. Money and good looks are certainly contributing factors in age gap relationships, but they’ll only take you so far; the key to a successful, long-term relationship is being on the same page about what matters most to you.


What do you think: What qualities do you look for in a man?


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