How rich is 2 Chainz? Because he stands to be even richer. 2 Chainz, with a net worth currently sitting at approximately $6.0 million, made headlines late Thursday when his joint project with Lil Wayne, Collegrove, appeared online, with a single from the list, “Gotta Lotta” being uploaded beforehand. It actually wasn’t supposed to show up until midnight, but Lil Wayne apparently didn’t want to keep his fans in suspense when it came to hearing his collaboration with the 38-year-old who, despite his age, didn’t release his debut solo studio album until 2012. And trust us when we say that this was anticipated; even Kanye West was stoked to hear this new album!

While this collaborative effort with Lil Wayne is sure to do wonders for 2 Chainz’ net worth, it arguably isn’t even the biggest thing he’ll be doing this year. Besides Collegrove, the artist announced that he was working on his next album, B.C. (Before Chainz), which he also hoped to have drop before the end of the year. He says the album will feel more like his past music, saying that, “It’s nostalgic. It feels good.” And once B.C. has released, he’s already begun planning the album after that, which he intends to title A.D. (After the Dope Game) and will serve as a bookmark to the “story” that B.C. Began.

But that’s the future, and 2 Chainz has already added to his net worth through the successful career he’s had thus far. Starting as one half of the hip-hop duo Playaz Circle, the duo released two albums before 2 Chainz chose to become a solo act in early 2010. As 2 Chainz, the rapper has released two studio albums, seven mixtapes, 41 singles, eight promotional singles and 43 music videos. That’s quite a lot for an artist who hasn’t been in the business as long as some!


Tauheed Epps, better known to the world as 2 Chainz, was born on September 12, 1977 in College Park, Georgia. He proved himself to be very intelligent in school, having graduated high school as second in his class. He would go on to attend Alabama State University on an athletic scholarship (he was also skilled in basketball).

In 1997, Epps began his music career, forming Playaz Circle (“Playaz” being an acronym for “Preparing Legal Assets for Years from A to Z”) with Earl Conyers, a friend from high school. Conyers took the name “Dolla Boy” while Epps would call himself “Tity Boi,” a name that later came to be called offensive to women, though the rapper claimed that wasn’t the intent. The pair released an independent album in 2002, which led to them meeting Ludacris, who moved into their apartment complex while Djing; he would play the duo’s music on his radio station.

Upon becoming a successful rapper, Ludacris asked Playaz Circle to join his new label, Disturbing Tha Peace, a Def Jam subsidiary. The pair’s debut studio album, Supply & Demand, released in October 2007 and fared well, beginning the rise of 2 Chainz’ net worth. Their second album came out in late 2009 and not long after recording its first music video in early 2010, Epps left Disturbing The Peace for the sake of career growth, later changing his stage name to “2 Chainz” because it would be received more positively.

Following a successful mixtape, 2 Chainz released his first solo sutdio album, Based on a T.R.U. Story, in mid-August 2012. In spite of mixed reviews, it debuted in first on the U.S. Billboard 200 and is currently certified gold. The album would make all the difference for 2 Chainz’ net worth, having a subsequent tour that sold out almost every show; winning four BET Hip Hop Awards; earning him several endorsement deals, including Beats By Dre and Addidas; and appearing in a couple TV programs.

2 Chainz would add on this new success with his second album, B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time, released in September 2013, which receives better reviews than his previous effort. Upon its completion and release, 2 Chainz went straight back to the studio to begin working on B.C, finding time to release two new EPs in the interim. And he’s also welcome to appearing in the songs and videos of other artists–provided they pay $100,000! But they, that has to be quite a bonus for 2 Chainz’ net worth!


Net Worth (2014–2015)$6.0 million
Net Worth (2013–2014)$613,811.00
Net Worth (2012–2013)$470,588.00
Net Worth (2011–2012)$381,558.00
Total Earnings from Music$3.8 million
Yearly Salary$705,882.00
Money from Endorsements (Estimated)$156,863.00
Cost Per Guest Verse $100,000.00

Photo Credit: Instagram/hairweavekiller

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