Credit: Instagram/louist91

With One Direction on an extended hiatus, fans can’t help but wonder how the boys might spend their time. But one star of the group, Louis Tomlinson, might reject Simon Cowell’s offer to be on The X Factor!

Tomlinson had agreed to the gig but has apparently had a change of heart. He respectfully declined Cowell’s offer in order to pursue his own record label. We can’t blame the guy for being ambitious and apparently neither can Cowell. The creator of The X Factor and former American Idol judge understood Tomlinson’s decision and both men agreed to leave the option open for the future.

A source told The Sun that Tomlinson loves the show but it wouldn’t leave him time to properly build his own record label or search for new talent. Tomlinson will be starting the new label, Triple Strings, with none other than his mentor’s (Cowell) company, Syco. But working on his own brand is not the only reason Tomlinson is declining the offer. He will also be able to spend some much needed one-on-one bonding time with his two-month-old son, Freddie. (Yes we know, it’s very cute and we can’t help but “Aww” at the young super dad!)

Both Tomlinson’s growing family and his new label are now based in L.A., which means he will be able to devote time to both of them—hopefully on a flexible schedule.

Tomlinson would have been replacing former judge, Nick Grimshaw; he even stating a while back that he would be coming for Grimshaw’s job. Grimshaw, a radio DJ, quit shortly after being a judge for one year due to an overworked schedule.

Tomlinson’s decision might bring back one of the former judges—Louis Walsh or Rita Ora—to fill the gap on the panel for the upcoming season, though nothing has been confirmed just yet. We’ve got to say: we’re eager to see who the new judge is going to be! Who would you want to see take over? Let us know in the comments below!