16 of the Cutest Halloween Costumes for Dogs: The “Paw-parazzi” Will Love Them!

Halloween Costumes for Dogs
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Dog lovers, get excited, because this year you can choose some of the best dog costumes ever! Whoever thought of Halloween costumes for dogs needs an award, because some of the ideas out there are excruciatingly adorable! Whether you want to dress up with your dog as a pair, or simply want to let your puppy have some Halloween fun, these Halloween costume ideas for dogs will guarantee your friendly pup won’t feel left out. Our list has 16 great costume ideas for dogs, ranging from skunks, pumpkins, tuxedos, zombies, Star Wars characters, and Pikachu onesies too! These costumes will either make you squeal in awe, or laugh until you cry! No one should miss out on the Halloween fun, not even your four-legged friend! Be sure your pet has just as much fun as you will by getting started with an adorable costume. Most of these costumes come from Spirit Halloween, so be sure to visit a store before the cutest ones are out of stock! Be sure to check out the store locations near you, here.

1. Skunk

Have some fun this Halloween, and dress your puppy up as a little skunk! The suit comes in different sizes so you should be able to find your dog’s size.

little skunk halloween costume

Photo: Casual Canine/Amazon.com

2. Pilgrim

This costume is too cute to handle! This dog costume lets your pup “hold” a pumpkin with a little puppet friend, and carry it around. It’s so adorable you might not want to ever take it off. The cuddly soft outfit is great for whatever activities you have planned this season whether it’s Thanksgiving, pumpkin picking, or Halloween. Keep your pet warm on chilly autumn days, and you’ll put smiles on many faces!

pumpkin halloween dog costume

Photo: Generic/amazon.com

  1. Spider

    Here’s an outfit that will make your skin crawl. Arachnophiliacs, beware! This fuzzy spider suit will make your little fur ball extra creepy! As your dog runs across the ground, the dangling spider arms will trail along, making your pup looks like a giant tarantula!

fuzzy spider suit halloween dog costume

Photo: Zack & Zoey/Amazon.com

  1. Bantha

    Star Wars fans will love this Bantha outfit! You can turn your dog into an elephant-like beast. Thankfully, like Banthas, your loyal and domestic pet will be a friend to all.

elephant halloween dog costume

Photo: Rubie’s/Amazon.com

  1. Dewback

    Here’s another cute Star Wars inspired pet costume. Your pet can join in on the sci-fi fun in this Dewback pet rider costume!

star wars inspired pet halloween costume

Photo: Rubie’s/Amazon.com

  1. Pirate

    Shiver me timbers! This costume lets your dog walk around like a little pirate! Hide some treats around the house and go on a treasure hunt with your loyal little friend.

little pirate dog halloween costume

Photo: Pet Krewe/Amazon.com

  1. Skeleton Zombie

    Here’s another spooky pet costume! You can turn your dog into a little skeleton zombie. It comes with a small headband and veil that resembles cobwebs, a little body suit with a skeleton painted on the back, and a tiny tutu with a spider web design.

spooky pet halloween costume

Photo: Casual Canine/Amazon.com

  1. Pikachu

    Pokémon Go may be out of style, but your pet can still be your sidekick! Dress up your dog in this too-cute-to-be-true Pikachu costume! The soft, plush suit will keep your puppy warm as you go trick-or-treating, and it’s a look everyone will love. You’ll make lots of friends this Halloween with your cute Poké-pal.

Pikachu halloween costume

Photo: Pawz Road/Amazon.com

  1. Bat-Dog

    If you’ve got a super pet, you definitely need to get this Batman costume. It even comes with the little gold utility belt, that secures the costume around your pup’s waist. A cape and a headband with bat ears tie the hero look together perfectly.

batman dog halloween costume

Photo: Rubie’s/Amazon.com

  1. Tuxedo

    There are no words to describe how cute this is! Your puppy will win every heart in this little tuxedo. It even comes with plush arms that hold a diamond ring. Talk about romantic! It may be Halloween night, but for this little guy, puppy love is in the air.

little tuxedo dog halloween costuyme

Photo: spirithalloween.com

  1. Bride

    This bride costume is the perfect match for the tuxedo suit! If you have two dogs, they will look like the sweetest couple when dressed in these wedding costumes.

dog bride halloween costume costume

Photo: spirithalloween.com

  1. Michael Jackson

    The king of pop’s style is clearly contagious—now it’s going to the dogs! Dress up your dog in this Michael Jackson inspired outfit from “Thriller!”

pop style dog halloween costume

Photo: spirithalloween.com

  1. Captain America

    Another cute heroic costume for your dog! Take your pet out for trick-or-treating, save the day dressed as Captain America.

cute heroic halloween costume for dog

Photo: spirithalloween.com

  1. Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga? This pop sensation dog costume lets your pet wear cool sunglasses and a fancy black mesh top. The pawparazzi will go crazy!

lady gaga halloween dog costume

Photo: spirithalloween.com

  1. Peacock

    Does your dog beg for attention? Do all the other dogs seem to love yours? If so, this peacock costume is the perfect way to give your puppy some much-deserved attention!

peacock dog halloween costume

Photo: spirithalloween.com

  1. Pity the Bulldog

    Your dog will knock out the competition in this “Pity the Bulldog” costume! It even includes gold bling around his neck so your dog can be dressed to a T.

bulldog halloween costume

Photo: spirithalloween.com



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