15 Halloween Costumes for Couples

15 Halloween Costumes for Couples
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The best part about celebrating any kind of festival is that you get to wear amazing clothes and indulge in delicious food, and Halloween is no exception. Halloween, also known as All Hallow’s Eve, is a festival that is highly influenced by European harvest festivals and festivals of the dead. Of course, for us humans, Halloween is all about trick-or-treating, bonfires, scary pranks, candy, and costume parties. Speaking of which, you surely must be already searching for Halloween costumes, and (for those pairs who like to dress up together) Halloween costumes for couples. We have compiled a list of fifteen amazing Halloween costumes idea for couples!

If you’re looking to hit up the Halloween parties with your boo (pun intended), then you need to select the right costumes! There are ample number of Halloween costume options available for couples. So, why don’t you prepare for Halloween early and select the best costume for yourself and your partner? We’ve got some great suggestions right here!

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Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Something Funny

Why do I always find the best Halloween costume ideas the week after it’s already happened?


Get rid of old couple costume ideas like The Adams Family and adopt something different this year, like for example the above image.

Creepy Couple

Feeling the whole Tim Burton thing? Scare your friends and your family by adopting this Corpse Bride look and make your man dress up like your very own Victor Van Dort!

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Kim Possible

Who says you can only dress up as skeletons or something scary? Do you fancy watching Kim Possible? Then why not dress up like her and her friend?


We are sure this will be a top favorite among costumes for many couples, even though it’s been done time and again. Make a bold entry by dressing up like Batman and you will definitely attract a crowd.

Dress Up Like Pizza

If you and your partner love eating pizza then why don’t you celebrate the festival by becoming a pizza? Literally. How cheesy!

Minnie and Mickey

Although this one is a bit old, it still remains to be a classic couples go-to costume. Plus, you don’t have to sew or use hot glue for this one!

Henry the VII and Ann Boleyn

My friend’s kids Halloween costumes, Henry the VII and Ann Boleyn

Attention all you history buff couples out there! People will lose their heads when they see you dressed up as Henry the VII and Ann Boleyn!

Yip Yap

Friend and I’s Halloween Costumes. Whadda think?

Are you feeling too lazy to buy or create a costume for Halloween? Then worry not because really, all you need for this one is two blankets, some black fabric and a couple of styrofoam balls!

Assassins Creed

Halloween sucked but at least we had cool costumes.

You will definitely make a statement this Halloween by opting for this look, so why don’t you start making it already?

The Little Mermaid

How about you dress up as this sweet princess of the sea and her Prince Eric? The Little Mermaid is a classic and people will totally dig your fins!

Old Black & White Movie Characters

Old Black & White Movie Characters

Give Halloween a unique twist this year by dressing up as old Hollywood movie characters in black and white!

Kidnapped Mermaid

Kidnapped Mermaid Costume

How about you go for a kidnapped mermaid look? The best part is you don’t even have to walk, because your “partner “will just carry you around all night!

Frankenstein and his Bride 

Rockabilly Bride Of Frankenstein And Monster

Nothing says Halloween couples like Frankenstein and his bride! Opt to tease the heck out of your hair though, for that seriously electrified look!

Get the Gotye Look

Gotye And Kimbra Couples Costume

For fans of the “Somebody that I Used to Know” singer, this is one Halloween costume for couples willing to embrace the paint!

Skeleton Couple

The Day of the Dead meets an old Western movie! This couples costume is great for those who can’t decide between the two -or maybe came to a compromise to do both! Either way, it works!


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