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Although her Instagram was initially launched to promote her lifestyle web site, Preserve, Blake Lively has now switched over to entertaining fans with her insane captions and fantastic sense of humor. Her site may have shut down, but Blake Lively’s fans remain loyal, giving the 28-year-old a massive fan following of 5.8 million followers. A self-proclaimed Instagram addict, take a look a Blake Lively’s top 13 social media posts.

When She Revealed Her Nerdy Side

Alan Rickman, probably most famous for his portrayal of the brave Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films, passed away on January 14 of cancer. And in a touching tribute, Lively posted a photo of Potter drinking beer with the quote, “Here’s to the best damned antagonist a guy could ask for.”

When She Gave Husband Ryan Reynolds the Most Awesome Gift Ever

What better gift to give your husband than a mini, felt version of his favorite superhero? Lively presented hubby Ryan Reynolds with just that! Paying attention to details, Reynolds’ on-screen character, Deadpool, is, as Lively so eloquently put it, “holiding a chimichanga while riding a Unicorn dressed in ass-less leather chaps.” (Reynolds was the one who actually posted this picture, but it was all thanks to Lively’s creativity.)

That Time She Had a Threesome

One time, Lively posted a seemingly normal photo of herself with her makeup artists, but the caption stole the show. It read, “Uhhhh does this count as a three way? It was awesome. @rodorttega4hair and @tamikynnlane you were great #MultitaskingMama [sic].” Need we say more?

When She Accused Taylor Swift of Photobombing

Close pals with pop queen Taylor Swift, Lively once shared photos of the two vacationing in Australia. What was hilarious was that she accused Swift of photobombing her selfie with a kangaroo! She wrote, “Selfie game was strong …until I got photobombed by some crazy fan. Where’s security when you need it.”

The Time She Gave Us Serious Hair Goals

The actress is a fashion enthusiast and much like her Gossip Girl alter-ego Serena van der Woodsen, Lively’s hair inspires tons of fans. This post in particular stood out though, because fans left comments like, “Where do I sign up to get her hair?!” We have a similar question!

And Inspired Us to Do Something Good

Posting a rather innovative photo, Lively encouraged everyone to “take the blinders off” and help Nepal build schools. Explaining the situation of how over a million children have no access to education, the actress advocated for people to donate.

When She Amazed Us Away with Her Dirty Jokes

Blake Lively’s sense of humor is not limited to PG-13 jokes—she also revealed a different side to herself when she captioned this photo, “Balls selfie …you know what I mean!! #behindthescenes [sic].”

When She Achieved Her Awesome Food Goals

Sharing a series of photos of herself at the legendary La Tomatina festival, Lively explained, “…I’ve finally become Italian food. #GoalsCOMPLETE #CloudyWithAChanceOfAngelHair #YepThatsAFlyOnTheCenterOfMyNose [sic].”

Also, Travel Goals

Coming across a heart-shaped mountain is no joke, and the mother of one managed to make us all jealous of her adventures. She wrote, “Holy cow! A heart shaped mountain. Nothing more perfect than nature. Time to protect it!!!” She also teased a few Nirvana fans saying, “Wait Till Nirvana Hears About This.”

When She Gave Ryan Reynolds an Adorable Instagram Welcome

When her husband Ryan Reynolds joined Instagram, Lively gave him an unexpectedly warm welcome. We are not used to her showing so much affection, but it is clear that when it comes to family, nothing else matters. Kudos to Lively for that!

That One Time She Stayed Up Till 3 a.m.—Eating Jewels?

Blake Lively once posted a photo of herself “twinning” with famed jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz. What’s more, she had some of the jewelry in her mouth and asked whether it counted “as an acid flashback.”

When She Mocked Herself

Reposting a photoshopped picture of herself, Lively mocked herself and wrote, “…that one time. When I secretly joined a dance troop.” She also went on to post another one of her former co-stars Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick, which seemed to leave some fans in tears!

And When She Showed Us Just How Normal She Really Is

Blake Lively is an actress, but moreover a human being. She has had model stints in her career, but is not shy of labeling herself as a celebrity homemaker. With this very pregnant photo of herself, she wrote, “Nothing better (or tastier) than an evening spent with friends who share your passion. What you don’t see is the epic foodie dice challenge which took place afterward!”

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