13 Ridiculous Halloween Costumes That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone!

Ridiculous Halloween Costumes
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Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re bringing you some seriously funny office Halloween costumes, and Halloween costume ideas for adults, that will tickle your funny bone! Some of these costumes are absolutely ridiculous, while others are cheeky and amusing. Whatever your sense of humor is, there’s an idea here for you. There are many events going on this Halloween 2016: haunted houses, spooky adventure parks, costume parties, dance clubs, and good old trick-or-treating with the kids! This year, try something new by dressing up as a character that will make your friends and family crack up, instead of seize up from terror! Many people are opting to go for something funny rather than scary this year, and we’ve got all the greatest ideas for you! These ideas are simple and great for people who don’t have time to spend hours at the mall searching for an outfit. Plus, they’re extra strange and ridiculous! We’ve got 13 funny Halloween costume ideas from movie characters, to food, to presidential debate guests, and more! Halloween doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive, this year can be the funniest one you ever had! It can be tricky finding costume ideas that make people laugh, so we’ve come up with a list of 13 options to help you out. Without further ado, here are some funny costumes to save your Halloween night or inspire you to create your own!

  1. Get “shagadelic” in this Austin Powers costume! Be ready to wow the ladies with your irresistible English charm!

austin powers halloween costume

Photo: spirithalloween.com

  1. Spice up the party in this chili pepper costume! Get ready to salsa in this one piece, pullover chili suit! It comes in one size, and will fit most. Plus, it’s super comfortable and flexible—the insides are made from squishy foam!

chili pepper halloween costume

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  1. Oktoberfest is over, but that doesn’t mean it has to end for you! This plus-sized Oktoberfest costume will make any man look just like a fair maiden. It comes with an alluring white peasant blouse, with puffy sleeves and a plunging neckline that reveals a beer tap bosom to hold your beverages. Yikes!

oktoberfest halloween costume

Photo: spirithalloween.com

  1. Are you one of those people who wait until the last minute before finding a costume? If so, this costume is perfect for you! You can dress as a single strip of bacon in this comfy onesie. It’s one of the many easy funny Halloween costumes out there!

funny halloween costumes

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  1. Rub a dub-dub, this Halloween costume lets you stay squeaky clean with a portable inflatable tub! It even comes with a rubber duckie to play with. Pair it with a shower cap, and flip flops and you’re ready for a sudsy evening!

inflatable tub halloween costume

Photo: spirithalloween.com

  1. Emoji costumes might be a real hit this Halloween 2016! Why not dress as the best emoji of all? The poop emoji!

emoji halloween costumes

Photo: spirithalloween.com

  1. Another great idea for lazy party-goers! Call over your friend in the bag of chips and dress as a hot dog. There are many funny Halloween costumes for two, so get hunting for the best one!

hot dog halloween costume

Photo: Rasta Imposta/Amazon.com

  1. Ken Bone became the most beloved random guy of all time, when he stood up during the second presidential debate in 2016. He wore his adorable red sweater, thick rimmed glasses, and bold moustache. If you think Ken Bone should be the next president of the U.S., wear this shirt and spread the love! Ken Bone Halloween costumes will definitely be in this year!

ken bone halloween costumes

Photo: Tip Top Tee/Amazon.com

  1. Remember Grumpy Cat? Keep his memory alive in this adorably grumpy cat mask!

grumpy cat halloween mask

Photo: spirithalloween.com

  1. If your beach-bod was never ready, and you are still making late night trips to the fridge, we’ve got you covered. This muscle man shirt will make you look like a total hunk! Flex those pecs!

muscle man halloween costume

Photo: spirithalloween.com

  1. Has anyone ever told you that you’re a big baby? If so, prove them right with this ridiculous “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” costume! It comes with a mom so you don’t have to bring yours, and you’ll be a little baby in blue!

little baby halloween costume

Photo: spirithalloween.com

  1. Get your Alan Garner lines ready, because this costume lets you be Zach Galifianakis’ character from The Hangover. It even comes with a toy baby Carlos!

the hangover halloween costume

Photo: Rasta Imposta/Amazon.com

  1. You won’t need laughing gas to get your friends howling with this get up! Dress in a white tutu and be the tooth fairy! It comes in plus-sizes, so men of all shapes and sizes can amuse their party guests. Say “Aahhhh!”

funny halloween costume

Photo: spirithalloween.com


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