13 Last Minute Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

13 Last Minute Easy Halloween Costume Ideas
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There are basically two types of people during Halloween. There are those who are overly enthusiastic about the holiday and begin planning their costume and party ideas well in advance. And then there are those who are the least bothered about the party, but still want to attend, obviously in a stellar costume! If you fall into the latter category then these 13 last minute Halloween costumes ideas will be helpful for you!

Kids are mostly enthusiastic about their costumes and want to know in advance exactly what will they wear when they go out trick-or-treating with their friends. If you are a working person or an individual who stays busy most of the time, it’s easy to forget about your costume and what you’re going to wear! In that case, we’ve compiled a list of last minute costume ideas just for you!

If your friend is throwing a Halloween party bash and you want to attend without making any extra effort on your costume, then you will be surprised at how many easy Halloween costume ideas there are out there! You’ve just got to get creative! We’ve got a great list of easy last minute Halloween costumes right here, so that you don’t have to create a fuss about it!

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

#1 Cat Lady



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All one needs for this outfit is a plain black jumpsuit, a tutu and cat ears (not the real ones). This is a very simple outfit and you don’t need to go running to different stores to find it. Meow! Your look for Halloween party is complete!

#2 Scary Doll

We are sure some of you have some vintage lace lying around. Compliment a short babydoll dress with some vintage lace for the costume, and complete the look with some scary makeup and a scary doll. Bam! Your look for the Halloween party is complete, without the extra effort of searching for costumes.

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#3 Scary Makeup

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Sometimes you don’t even need a scary costume, you just need to paint your face with scary makeup and you are all set for Halloween. Who said you need costumes for looking scary?

#4 Black Hoodie

If you don’t want to waste time covering your face with makeup, that’s what masks are for! Wearing a plain black hoodie and a scary mask is perfect for Halloween and don’t forget a sharp knife with red “blood”stains on it!

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#5 Dark Makeup

Who says you need a costume at all? It’s all about the makeup! Opt for dark make up and you can end up looking any way you want for Halloween party.

#6 Sexy Halloween Lady

Being a cat does not mean you need to have a plain black jumpsuit! You can opt for a Cheetah print dress, elegant makeup and fake cat ears to complete the look. Of course don’t forget your makeup!

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#7 Homicidal Maniac

Remember the time when we had to braid our hair on both sides for school? Yes, remove your black and white dress and braid your hair on both sides, because this Halloween you will be a homicidal maniac and of course you need to have a straight face. No Smiling!

#8 Fair Lights and Wig

One of the easiest way to dress your toddler is just get a wig, over-sized jacket and fairy lights. But we suggest drop the lights, for safety purposes!

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#9 Witch’s Hat

For this look you just need a Fedora hat, straight hair and little bit of goth makeup. Of course you can paint your partner’s face to make him look creepy and scary.

#10 Adorable Cat

Kids seem to be obsessed with cats, so undoubtedly this is one of the easiest Halloween costumes! Just get a lacy skirt and fake cat ears and don’t forget the whiskers!

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#11 The Joker

Bust out your blazer and makeup, because you could be going to the Halloween party this year, Joker-style! Who said only men could opt for this look? Girls, you can certainly pull off the Joker look, as well.

#12 Mime

For this Halloween costume, you just need to be really good at makeup and, of course, expressions. Get some white gloves and mime your way through the party!

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#13 Vintage Style

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Go vintage this Halloween and remove your beads, pin-up curls, and rock the Halloween party.


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