12 Ways to Add a Little Extra Romance to Your Age Gap Relationship This Holiday Season


The holidays are the perfect time of year to make new memories, especially when you have someone special to spend them with. This season, celebrate your age gap relationship by creating your own 12 days of Christmas. Rather than exchanging expensive gifts with your older man, spend each of the 12 days doing something fun together. Here are 12 simple ideas that are sure to bring the two of you closer together this holiday season.

On the First Day: Shop and Wrap

Spend the day shopping together for each of your loved ones’ gifts. It’s a great way to learn more about the important people in each other’s lives, which is especially useful if your age gap relationship is still new. When you’re done shopping for the day, head home, turn on some music, and spend the rest of the evening wrapping up all of your purchases. Not only is it productive, but you’d be surprised at how lost you’ll get in conversation. Share some of your family’s Christmas traditions and what kinds of things you remember most growing up. Without even realizing it, you can learn a lot about each other, which is always only going to benefit your age gap relationship in the long run.

On the Second Day: Movie Marathon


Get your older man to pick out a couple of his favorite Christmas movies, and you do the same. Then curl up on the couch together and settle in for a movie marathon, just the two of you. Alternatively, spend the whole day in bed watching your movies. Sometimes the best part about being in a happy age gap relationship is just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

On the Third Day: Host a Party

Invite a few friends over and co-host a holiday party. From planning the event to welcoming guests, doing it together will really help to strengthen your age gap relationship. It will also give you and your older man a chance to meet each other’s friends in a casual, comfortable, and laid-back setting where there won’t be as much pressure.


On the Fourth Day: Decorate the Tree

There’s something so romantic about decorating a Christmas tree together, especially if it’s for the first time in your age gap relationship. It’s like you’re starting your own tradition together and that can feel so much more special than getting an expensive gift. If you really want to up the romance factor, pick out an ornament together, something that signifies your age gap relationship, and make it the final touch on your tree.

On the Fifth Day: Send Cards

If you’re fairly confident that your age gap relationship is the real thing, share it with your family and friends by sending out a personalized holiday card from both of you. It doesn’t have to be cheesy and sentimental—you can go for something lighthearted and funny, like putting your faces on elf bodies or coming up with a humorous holiday message. The point is that it’s coming from both of you, which shows people that you’re serious about your age gap relationship and about each other.

On the Sixth Day: Christmas Market

A lot of cities have their own Christmas market with traditional foods, gift shops, festive music, and beautiful lights. Bundle up and spend the evening enjoying the sights and sounds of the holidays. While you’re out and about, snap a few cute pictures together as a keepsake. This is something else that makes for a great holiday tradition for your age gap relationship.

On the Seventh Day: Dinner for Two

You’re probably going to have plenty of family dinners and holiday parties through the month of December, but set aside one night to enjoy a private Christmas dinner for two. Prepare your older man’s favorite meal, light some candles, change into your favorite dress, and slip on your sexiest pair of shoes. Even though you’re just at home, going all out will really make your older man feel special, and it’s important to add some spontaneity in your age gap relationship. Of course, you can also arrange a romantic dinner at his favorite restaurant, but if you’re eating in, you’re just that much closer to the bedroom for “dessert.”

On the Eighth Day: Take a Trip

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all the shopping and parties that you don’t end up getting to spend much time with your older man over the holidays. So leave it all behind for a while and take off for a little vacation, even if it’s just for a couple days. You can never go wrong with a beach getaway, or for something different, try a chalet for a weekend of skiing and fireside cuddling.

On the Ninth Day: Get Fired Up

You don’t need mistletoe to show your older man how much you want him. Add a little extra spark to your age gap relationship by setting up a sexy scene. Arrange pillows and blankets in front of the fireplace and when your older man gets home, surprise him in your sexiest lingerie with two glasses of wine. Lead him to your fireside setup and treat him to a night of passion.

On the Tenth Day: A Couple’s Massage

The holidays can get hectic and stressful, but it’s always nice to unwind with a soothing massage. You can book a romantic couple massages through a spa—they’ll usually set the scene with champagne and candles—but for a more intimate touch in your age gap relationship, take turns giving each other a relaxing, sensual massage.

On the Eleventh Day: Friendly Favors

Bake some Christmas treats together, like cookies, pack them in small festive boxes, and then go together to deliver them to your friends and family. Not only is it a nice gesture for the holidays, but like the Christmas cards, it’s something that’s coming from both you and older man, and that shows the people in your life that your age gap relationship is the real deal.

On the Twelfth Day: Make Plans for the Year Ahead

‘Tis the season for resolutions, so why not make some together. Reflect on your age gap relationship so far and make a list of things you want to do together in the New Year. Living in the moment is nice, but being able to make plans for your future together is important, because it allows you to build and strengthen your age gap relationship. It’s also a good sign that your age gap relationship is on the right track, since it shows that you’re both committed to one another.


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