10 Things Women Think About During and After Sex with an Older Man


Women, in general, tend to be talkers—we like to talk and share what we’re thinking and feeling. We want to be with someone who at least takes some interest in our thoughts and emotions—a little bit goes a long way—and younger women dating older men are no different.

Men, on the other hand, aren’t always big talkers. These younger women dating older men might have an issue with their partner’s seeming indifference or willful ignorance, but it can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes you might not want to share every thought with your man, like the ones you have while you’re getting down and dirty.

Sex is always a hot topic with younger women dating older men. It is better in an age gap relationship? Is he more experienced? Is he wrinkly down there? We talked to some women and found out what exactly runs through their mind not only during sex, but afterwards. Some of these might surprise you!

Here are 10 things younger women dating older men have thought while having sex:


1. Huh…his face has wrinkles, but his firecracker doesn’t.
2. I wish he would’ve shaved first.
3. I need a pedicure—and from this angle I can see his hair is starting to thin.
4. I really wish he’d focus on this area instead. Would he be mad if I told him?
5. I wonder if he thinks I look cute in this position.
6. If he flips me over, I’d be much more comfortable.
7. I wonder if it sounds authentic when I’m moaning, “Oh god baby, yes!” really loudly.
8. Oh wait…yes! That is the G-spot!
9.  He has an adorable O-Face! I hope I look that hot when I hit the big O.
10. Thank God for Viagra.

Here are 10 things younger women dating older men have thought about after sex:

1. Oh…my…god. That was incredible!
2. Why did I bother with the lingerie that’s crumpled up on the floor?
3. I hope he knows I’m not a big cuddler.
4. Oh my god! Was the cat sleeping on the bed the entire time?
5. If I stretch out on the bed, I look so much thinner.
6. Yeah, I definitely need a pedicure!
7. He was a lot better in bed than my last boyfriend.
8. I hope he doesn’t think that was it, because I’m ready for round two.
9. Will he notice if I check to see who that text message is from?
10. Thank God for Viagra.


What do you think: If you’re in an age gap relationship, what do you usually think about during or after sex with your older man?


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