10 Superhero Halloween Costumes for Women

Superhero Halloween Costumes for Women
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Halloween is only a few weeks away and party-goers are on the hunt to find the best Halloween costumes! If you’re planning to host or attend a spooky soiree, you’ll want to get extra creative and think outside of the box. There are many ideas for Halloween costumes—YouTube hosts a series of great makeup tutorials, that show step-by-step tips and tricks to get you the look you want. The traditional hero look never gets old, so here are some ideas to get you started as you begin your Halloween costume hunt!

  1. Ensure that DC Comics lives on, by dressing up as this shimmery Supergirl costume! The outfit includes the royal blue long sleeved shirt with the iconic Kryptonian symbol for “Hope” across the front. The blue top is completed by a waist-length cape (to make sure it doesn’t get caught in the door as you fly out to save the world!) A gold belt trims the waistline, to give you that extra glam, and the red skirt also shimmers like the belt. The outfit is brought to perfect authenticity with knee-high shimmery red and gold boots.

supergirl halloween costume

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  1. If you loved the Supergirl costume, you’ll be wowed at how slick this Batgirl cape is! Nothing is cooler than a cape, especially when it shimmers black like the Dark Knight. The inside of the cape is a bright purple, perfect for that traditional comic book look. You’ll be the “baddest” bat in town in this flashy get up!

batgirl cape halloween costume

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  1. This Supergirl cape is just as dazzling as the one designed for Batgirl. Pair up with your best friend and be the heroes of the dance floor! The cape is perfect for those who want to wear their own custom outfits—it completes the look for any superhero!

supergirl halloween cape

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  1. Here’s another one for Batgirl fans! If you’re hoping to turn up the heat this Halloween, this foxy suit will do the trick. It comes with everything from the black cape, to the spiked arm bands, to the mysterious mask. The skirt is mid-thigh, which means you won’t have to worry about tripping over it when you race off to catch the bad guys!

foxy suit halloween costume

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  1. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and everyone should be able to enjoy Halloween to the fullest! This perfectly adorable Supergirl costume comes in plus sizes, making it the perfect fit for curvy girls! The costume features the traditional red, blue and gold ensemble, with a knee-length cape for extra flare. You’ll blow the competition away in this fantastic suit!

adorable Supergirl halloween costume

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  1. In a crowd of Supergirls and Batwomen, you might want to stand out and do something original! Thankfully, this Thunder costume lets you play Anissa Pierce from Green Arrow! Be sure to brush up on your Thunder trivia before going out in this costume: Thunder has the ability to manipulate her own body’s density, which makes her practically invincible. She can make her skin so strong, she can withstand bullets, and make massive shockwaves with one stomp! Go easy on the competition in this suit!

thunder halloween costume

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  1. If you think the good guys are overrated, dress up as the baddie from Man of Steel, Faora! The suit looks just like in the movie, with body armor, polyester jumpsuit, boot tops, a cape and a molded belt! Officially licensed from the Superman Man of Steel film, this is grade A quality villain material.

faora halloween costume

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  1. Join the Dream Team and dress up as the American Dream, Shannon Carter, herself! In the Marvel Comics series, she is known to look like the female version of Captain America. She is an Olympic level athlete, skilled martial artist, has superb aim, and is in peak physical condition. If you’re an avid gym-goer, flex your muscles in this slick suit!

shannon carter halloween costume

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  1. This Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman suit is officially licensed by the movie, making it one of the coolest costumes ever! It comes with all of the heroine’s gear including her gloves, tiara, gauntlets and arm bands.

wonder woman halloween costume

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  1. If you’re looking for a Thor costume for women, search no more. This Asgardian Queen costume is just what you need to take on the abilities of the Marvel hero, with that extra feminine flare. The suit comes with the winged helmet, fuzzy boots, and the iconic hammer. Bad guys will think twice before messing with you!

thor halloween costume for women

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