10 Simple DIY Plus-Size Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is just around the corner, which means you better start working on your Halloween costume ideas soon, or risk being the only one left out of all the Halloween fun and festivities! Whether you’re simply going trick or treating in the neighborhood or attending a fun Halloween party, an eye-catching Halloween costume will ensure that you stay in the spotlight at all times! If you still haven’t decided what you’re going to be this year, don’t worry there’s time; we have some great ideas for simple yet spooky DIY Halloween costumes right here—including plus-size Halloween costume ideas, as well!

Here are 10 plus-size Halloween costume ideas:

#1 Wicked Witch

Halloween costumes

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It may seem overdone, but the good old wicked witch is one of the best and oldest Halloween costumes. Instead of going with the same boring pointed black hat and black outfit with a broomstick, you could opt for something a little trendier. Don’t be afraid to add a dash of color to your witch Halloween costume and give it your own twist. A splash of bright lipstick can also do the trick!

#2 Superwoman

I love seeing everyone’s Halloween costumes, so here’s mine 🙂

Sometimes, you need to be your own superhero, so why not on Halloween? One of the most popular Halloween costume ideas, the flattering Superwoman costume, looks good on all shapes and sizes. The bright hues of yellow, red and blue will ensure that you stand out among the dull grays and blacks, that most people usually opt for on Halloween.

#3 Skeleton Mummy

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The clever skeleton mummy Halloween costume combines both of the spookiest characters associated with the traditional festivities. Check out YouTube tutorials to learn how to do realistic skeleton makeup, or simply opt for a skeleton mask. For the mummy half of the costume, a white bandage or gauze goes a long way!

#4 The Devil

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A fun devil costume is always big winner on Halloween, especially if it’s pulled off right. Spice up your outfit with creative devil horns and some spunky high heels! You can opt for any red outfit to complete the devil look. A red dress or a full bodysuit accentuated with funky accessories, will guarantee that you remain the center of attention all night!

#5 Wednesday Addams

Best Halloween costumes 2016

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One of the most beloved fictional characters, Wednesday Addams, is the perfect Halloween costume for a little girl or a grown woman. All you need is black shoes, black stockings and a black dress with a white collar! The pale skin look Wednesday is well-known for, can easily be achieved with some makeup. Don’t forget to tie your hair in long twin braids to complete the look!

#6 Evil Clown

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What is Halloween without a clown? Whether they’re funny or evil, clowns can be pretty creepy looking. In fact, “Coulrophobia” is the scientific term given to the fear of clowns. Comically large shoes, colorful hair, and a bright red nose are some of the best-known features of a clown. The distinctive make-up and clown costume can be changed up according to your preferences. (Though, if you’re living in the U.S., you might want to rethink this one for the time being…)

#7 The Crow

Top Halloween costumes 2016

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Who remembers the classic 1994 American fantasy neo-noir action film, The Crow? You could always bust out the black make up and go as Eric Draven, the rock star who was revived from the dead to avenge his girlfriend’s murder! As an iconic fictional character with a large cult following, this costume will turn heads at any Halloween party!  (Though, younger generations may just mistake you for a dark version of The Joker. It’s not their fault, the movie was before their time!)

#8 Fluffy Bunny

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Who doesn’t love a cute little bunny rabbit? The adorable Halloween costume looks great on children as well as adults. Choose whatever color costume you like; brown or pink, and pair it up with large and fluffy bunny ears as well as whiskers! Don’t forget to swap your candy for carrots!

#9 Red Riding Hood

I make my own Halloween costumes…

The beloved fairy tale character is always big hit on Halloween. The Red Riding Hood Halloween costume is attractive and looks flattering on plus sizes, as well. All you need is a big red hood, and you’re good to go!

#10 Scary Cat

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Meow! If all else fails, a simple black cat costume can be whipped up in no time, with minimum effort required. Make your own little tail, and add some kitty ears and whiskers to complete your Halloween costume. Cat-eye contacts are always an added plus!




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