10 Sexy Catwoman Costumes for Halloween 2016

10 Sexy Catwoman Costumes for Halloween 2016%0A
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With Halloween around the corner, it’s time to brainstorm some costume ideas. One of the most classic Halloween getups has to be the iconic female hero, Catwoman. Now, we may not be Anne Hathaway or Halle Berry, but it’s not difficult to channel your inner Selina Kyle with the right costume. We’ve rounded some of the best Catwoman looks to inspire your feline Halloween attire!

#1 Cat Is the New Black

A Catwoman essential is an all-black outfit. Better yet, a black jumpsuit that hugs the body like a second skin! To finish the look, all you need is a black feline mask.

I got to be my own version of Catwoman yesterday!

#2 Kitten Ears

Usually, cat ears aren’t essential for the Catwoman look. But who says we can’t improvise! Cat ears and a black mask can make a fine Catwoman even without a black jumpsuit.

#3 Feline Eyewear

There’s a new Catwoman trend in costumes. We no longer need kitten ears to spell cat! A pair of dark feline glares do just the trick. Just remember, all black.

#4 Smoldering Gaze

You know how cats have this stare that can just pin you on the spot? Well, how can you be Catwoman without that deep, smoldering gaze through that black mask. Nail that piercing glare and you won’t need feline eyewear or lenses.

The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Cosplay

#5 Little Kittens

Age is no barrier when it comes to an iconic Halloween character like Catwoman. How cute would it be to take your little kittens trick-or-treating, while matching them with your own dark cat costume.

#6 The Original Catwoman

How can you talk about Catwoman and not mention the lady who brought the DC universe heroine to life the first time. Julie Neymar’s Catwoman is still the a favorite today. For Neymar’s look, all you need is a black shimmery number, a big chunky necklace, a broad gold belt and black cat ears. A must for the complete look is the signature black gloves with the gold claws on the fingertips!

Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar

#7 Halle Berry’s Catwoman

Halle Berry’s look from the 2004 movie, Catwoman is the most feline the thieving heroine can get. It’s also a popular Catwoman costume choice for regular attendees of comic conventions. The complete costume, along with the cat-eared mask is available online.

#8 The Dark Knight

Anne Hathaway reinvented the Catwoman look in The Dark Knight Rises by changing it up just a bit. The feminine black mask and black ears are a great combo, but what’s even better is how she wore her cat-like military-style goggles on her head to make them look like feline ears!

She is the only catwoman, her and Arkham Selina!

#9 The New Catwoman

Gotham’s Selina Kyle, played by Camren Bicondova is the new trend in Catwoman. Her style is understated and perfect if you don’t want to be too literal with your Halloween costume. For Bicondova’s Catwoman look, you’ll need to wear a short wig with golden curls and let your black goggles sit atop your head like a pair of ears. To finish your stealthy pickpocket look, put on a black leather jacket over an all black attire.

#10 Trump-Style

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump celebrates her birthday on Halloween. So, it would be a shame to not mention the potential first daughter and fashion icon’s Catwoman look from her birthday/Halloween party years ago. Ivanka Trump’s added touch—Catwoman’s whip!

I heart Halloween. #birthday #catwoman

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