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It is difficult to resist the lure of Hollywood. No matter where you are. Actors come from all over the world chasing their dreams to make their career in Hollywood. Charlize Theron is no exception. She comes from Benoni, South Africa and is a leading actress in movies today. Charlize Theron’s birthday is on August 7, 1975 and to help you celebrate it we bring for you 10 Charlize Theron sexy pics of all time. Charlize Theron hot pics are tough to find but we have a bunch of them for you to check out.

Dangerous Daddy  

Not many people know but Theron has had a traumatic childhood. When she was just 16, she had a life changing and terrible experience at home. Her father was an irresponsible alcoholic who would regularly beat her mother. One day when he was drunk, Theron’s father attacked Theron and her mother. Her mother shot and killed her husband and saved Theron and herself. The court judged it as self-defense and no charges were pressed against her. Theron studied in a boarding school and learned to speak both English and Afrikaans fluently.

Making It Big In Hollywood

Theron actually trained to be a ballet dancer and had a promising career ahead of her but her knees couldn’t take the strain. She had to quit and came out of her depression only when her mother gave her an ultimatum to come back home to South Africa. She then came to Los Angeles to carve out a career for herself in Hollywood. Starting with small films like Children of the Corn lll: Urban Harvest and 2 Days In the Valley, Theron got a toehold in the industry. Things brightened up when she delivered in hits like The Devil’s Advocate, Mighty Joe Young and The Cider House Rules. Her career defining role as serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the dark drama Monster earned her an Oscar for best actress. She won the Golden Globe award for it as well. Films like North County, Young Adult and Prometheus established her as one of the best actresses of Hollywood right now.

Theron is searing hot. Though she did some nude modeling when she first came to LA, since then Theron has not really done any hot scenes in movies. Her fans though keep obsessing about her sex appeal. Here are some red hot Charlize Theron photos that will keep you warm even in the coldest of winters:

1] The Shy Smile – Talking one-on-one with First Lady Michelle Obama

charlize theron sexy legs

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2] The Lady in Black – Attending the 2016 ‘Cinema For Peace’ Gala in Berlin

charlize theron hot clevage

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3] The Statuesque Beauty – Attending the 88th Oscar Awards

charlize theron red hot clevage

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4] Simple is Beautiful – Attending a photo shoot in Milan

charlize theron braless

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5] Be Still My Beating Heart – Appearing on TV in Italy

charlize theron hot legs

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6] Bonding With the Young – Attending the 2016 MTV Movie Awards

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7] Back in Black – At the premiere of her new movie The Huntsman: Winter’s War

charlize theron sexy backless

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8] The Dreamy Look – At the premiere of The Huntsman: Winter’s War

charlize theron hot braless

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9] Snow White in White Laces – Attending the Film Festival in Cannes

charlize theron hot cleavage

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10] Power Dressing in the New Millennium – Attending ‘The Last Face’ premiere in Cannes

Hottest Charlize Theron Pics

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