10 Halloween Costumes for Couples: Brilliant Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For Couples

10 Halloween Costumes for Couples
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With just over a fortnight left to go before Halloween, rest assured everyone’s scrambling for some last-minute Halloween costume ideas. Even if you’ve been sitting around doing nothing to prepare for Halloween, we have some clever Halloween costumes for couples, you can be sure to check out. If you’re bored and tired of the same run of the mill witch on a broomstick Halloween costume, here are ten creative Halloween costume ideas for couples that can be purchased online or easily be made at home, if you’re a DIY kind of person. Make sure you stay in the spotlight and win all the Halloween costume party prizes, with these fun and eye-catching Halloween costumes for couples. Happy trick or treat-ing!

#1 Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume

Peanut Butter and Jelly Halloween Costume

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If you’re ever feeling down, there’s nothing that will cheer you up better than a good old PBJ sandwich! This adorable costume is sure to be a hit at Halloween parties, with one-half of the costume as a slice of bread with peanut butter, and the other half with a slice of jelly. Check out the classic peanut butter and jelly costume here.

#2 Plug and Socket Costume

Plug and Socket Halloween Costume

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Here’s another fun costume that is sure to bring a smile on the faces of party guests. The plug and socket costume can be two separate tunics in black and white accessorized with a cord. Find the perfect lightweight plug and socket couples costume here.

#3 Cheese and Wine Costume

Cheese and Wine Halloween Costume

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The best way to unwind after a long day at work, is to open up a bottle of wine and cut some cheese! This innovative cheese and wine couples costume is a perfect pair and even comes with a fake oversized knife, to guarantee you and your partner dozens of compliments! Click here to buy now.


#4 King and Queen of Hearts Costume

King and Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume

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Here come the heart-breakers! This Halloween couples costume is simple and understated, yet a big hit with Halloween party-goers. Available in color variants like white, red and black the King and Queen of Hearts costume is the go-to Halloween couples costume. Click here to purchase the King and Queen of Hearts costume on Amazon.

#5 Popeye and Olive Oyl Costume

Popeye and Olive Oyl Halloween Costume

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This beloved cartoon characters costume is a sure-shot winner with kids and adults alike. Order the Popeye and Olive Oyl couples costume right here, for some good laughs at your Halloween party.

#6 Adam and Eve Costume

Adam and Eve Halloween Costume

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Complete with strategically placed fake leaves an apple and a snake, this hilarious Adam and Eve costume is sure to elicit laughter from even the stoic. The costume consists of his and hers jumpsuits with a wreath of leaves headband. Click here to purchase the Adam and Eve couples costume.


#7 Taco Couple Costume

Taco Couple Costume

Photo: Unknown/Amazon.com

Hola! This colorful and eye-catching combination of Mexican taco is sure to liven up the atmosphere at your Halloween costume party. The taco costume comes with a fun sombrero to make sure you stay in the spotlight! Buy the taco Halloween costume here.

#8 Bacon and Eggs Costume

Bacon and Eggs Costume

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There’s nothing like a good breakfast of bacon and eggs to start the day with a smile! This silly Halloween couples costume is a hit with the young and old alike, and comes in several variations. Check out the traditional bacon and eggs costume on Amazon.

#9 Milk and Cookies Costume

Milk and Cookies Halloween Costume

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Another fun variation in food-related Halloween couples costumes, the yummy combination of milk and cookies will ensure that all eyes are on you at your Halloween costume party this year. To purchase the milk and cookie costume go here.

#10 Clinton and Trump Costume

Clinton and Trump Halloween Costume

Photo: Sun-Staches/Amazon.com

With the presidential election fever in the air, what better way to make a statement than to go dressed as your favorite presidential nominee? Stay in the eye of the political storm, with these brilliant Trump and Hillary Halloween couples costume. Click here to buy now.


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