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Valentine’s Day is great if you have someone to spend it with. But it can be a struggle for single people. No matter what your situation is, you can always get through the day with some laughter with these funny Valentine’s Day memes.

February 14 is finally here! For some, it’s time to get those romantic plans in order. For others, it’s a boring and dreadful day. On Valentine’s Day, single people can either splurge on themselves or revel in the fact that they’ve saved a whole lot of money. Team #ForeverAlone can, of course, rally together on February 14, as long as you aren’t a third wheel. Sometimes the Internet is the best Valentine we can get! It can make us laugh with some funny, ingenious memes that come from the most creative of minds, and won’t make us feel bad for not being clouded with hearts and chocolates. We have scoured the Internet to find the most hilarious Valentine’s Day memes that accurately sum up the mood on February 14. But these memes aren’t just for single people! Couples can still get a good laugh out of these memes, too!

#1. For those whose New Year’s resolution was to not spend Valentine’s Day alone…

#2. Date? What date? The only dates that matter are the ones on the calendar and the ones we can eat. (The edible dates are much, much sweeter.)

#3. It’s the one holiday of the year we can actually save our money. Why ruin it with a date?

#4. When the closest you’ll ever be to a Valentine is if you draw one.

#5. Dating in the Tinder generation is a double-edged sword. Good luck to those who are looking for dates online!

#6. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Years… Phew! Thank goodness for #SingleLife.

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#7. Whoever gets that free meal should go in the Valentine’s Hall of Fame… if he lives.

#8. Let’s face it, he’s a Barack-ing Guy (pun totally intended)!

#9. Couples, beware! Being single on Valentine’s Day can turn people into trolling pranksters.

#10. Even a non-existent Valentine has its limitations. Keep working on those stick figures!