10 DIY Halloween Pumpkin Carving and Decorating Ideas to Try Out This Year!

Pumpkin Carving
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Looking for fun ideas on how to decorate your pumpkins for Halloween? Check out these 10 DIY pumpkin designs to spruce up your front yard this Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s the time of year again to start thinking about the spookiest ways to decorate your front porch! Ornately painted pumpkins, scary or funny looking jack-o-lanterns, flying witches, skeletons, ghosts, and grave markers are all Halloween decorating staples. Simply going to the store and purchasing pre-packaged decorations or pre-carved pumpkins might save you a great deal of time and effort, but it’s definitely a lot more fun to decorate your own pumpkins for Halloween. Plus, if you have kids, then you might have fun stretching out your creative muscles and spending some quality time with them by trying out some of these Halloween decoration ideas.

Here are 10 creative and elaborate Halloween pumpkin carving ideas you can do yourself!

1. Classic Jack-O-Lantern

Classic jack-o-lanterns with a simple yet sinister smiling visage are a great way to add a hint of pizzazz and spookiness to your outdoor Halloween decorations. They require minimal effort, time, and resources. The best part is, you can let your kids come up with their own unique designs! It’s also a good way to hone your pumpkin-carving and decorating skills to create more complex designs later on. All you need is a good carving knife and however many pumpkins in a variety of sizes that you want adorning your front porch and yard.


2. Movie, Book, and TV-Inspired Pumpkins

People have been taking inspiration from other creative sources for centuries now, so why should Halloween decorations be any different? If you truly want to add a more personal touch to your pumpkin decorating and carving endeavours, then why not try your hand at recreating your favourite scenes from your favourite movies, TV shows, or books? You can even craft likenesses of your favourite characters if you want!

3. Food and Beverage-Themed Pumpkins


You may have seen a few pumpkins this year being used as a punch bowl! (An ice bucket always works, too!)  You can always paint a scary face on your pumpkin, clear the insides out to fit a bowl, and it will look like your guests are drinking its brains! Or check out this pumpkin, who looks like he had a little too much punch at the party!

4. Ornate Designs

If drawing or stenciling awesome and unique designs is more your forte than making a mess by carving out pumpkin entrails all over your living room floor, then you can purchase a few stencils and markers to create some really cool looks! This way, too, your pumpkin will last much longer!

5. Animal Themed Jack-o-Lanterns

Got an animal in your life that you absolutely adore? Why not immortalize their image by carving it into a pumpkin? Well, the pumpkin won’t last forever, but the pictures will! If you have a steady hand, easily carve out an image of your favorite animal, like a wolf! Add in a candle and make it look like it’s howling at the moon!

6. Show Your Sporty Side!

Showcase your support for your favorite team by carving out their logo into the pumpkins decorating the front of your yard. Luckily, pumpkins are round for the most part, so etching any type of ball onto your pumpkin can showcase the sports fanatic you truly are!

7. Disney-Themed Pumpkins

Everyone has at least one favourite Disney movie or character, so why not get creative and carve their likeness into a pumpkin for Halloween?

There are plenty of Disney-themed stencils you can get to sculpt some of our favorite classic cartoons, like Mickey Mouse or Tinkerbell! You can even create elaborate scenes from your favourite Disney movies just like this Frozen one.

8. Carve Your Favourite Objects

If you happen to be particularly skilled at pumpkin carving, then you might even enjoy fashioning life-sized objects out of giant pumpkins.

9. Personalized Pumpkins

If you want to make things truly personal, then you can try using pictures of your family members to carve their likenesses into pumpkin form or create a cute little pumpkin family! You can always carve or paint a personal message onto your pumpkin like “Happy Halloween from The Smiths,” for guests arriving to your front porch to trick-or-treat. (Or go the other way and scare them off with a warning!)

10. Get a Little Cheeky!

Halloween is all about having a little fun with your costume and decorations, so it’s perfectly acceptable to get a little cheeky once in a while. Here are some cute ideas to inspire you:

That concludes our list of 10 pumpkin carving and decorating ideas. We hope we gave you some great inspiration! Pro Tip: Choose pumpkin carving and decorating styles that represent your personality and have fun with it this Halloween!


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