10 Cheap, Halloween Spider Decorations

Cheap Halloween Spider Decorations
Photo: Dan Kitwood / Staff / Getty Images

It’s almost time for Halloween 2016 and that means time is running out to prepare! If you’re looking for cheap Halloween decoration ideas, then you’ve come to the right place!

What’s Halloween without a few spiders? Having Halloween without spiders is like having Christmas without presents—you just don’t do it! So, in the spirit of all things Halloween, we want to give you the most affordable and spooky ways to decorate your home, making it more festive for the upcoming holiday.

#1 Giant Spider Web

giant spider web halloween decoration

Photo: HearthSong®/amazon.com

This pack comes with two large spiders and a web, making it just what you need to help decorate your house in the scariest way possible. This decoration is just what you need, whether you are using the web to help bring your haunted house together or just to add a simple touch of Halloween to your porch!

#2 Dropping Spider: Green

dropping spider halloween decoration

Photo: Gemmy/Amazon.com

Who doesn’t love a large spider dropping from the ceiling? Maybe most people don’t—but that’s the point! Turn out all the lights and hang this hairy spider in a place where people won’t know it’s there. It may not work so well on adults (unless they are afraid of spiders), but it might just work on the kids, especially toddlers. This item is 40 inches wide with legs that you can pose as you please and is great for haunted houses on Halloween!

#3 Furry Creatures

furry creatures halloween decoration

Photo: JustNile/Amazon.com

This decoration comes with a five-foot web and with two one-foot long spiders that can easily be attached to the web. The spiders are soft and hairy with long legs that you can pose as you please, and they come in different colors. It’s a must-have in any home, whether you’re a huge Halloween fan or not.

#4 The Inflatable Spider

inflatable spider halloween decoration

Photo: Holidayana/amazon.com

You may need to brace yourselves because this is a big one! This decoration is the mother of all spiders, standing 12 feet tall, and comes with bright lights to illuminate it from the inside. It also comes with spikes and rope to keep it sturdy. It’s one of the best ways to get your house in the spirit of Halloween this year, and it won’t go unnoticed. It’s the Halloween decoration that can be reused for next Halloween and is a good way to let kids know that your house is stocked with the best candy!

#5 Extra Large Rope Spider

extra large rope spider halloween costume

Photo: Halloween Haunt/amazon.com

Why not add a creepy touch of Halloween with a giant roped spider web complete with a black spider? You can create an eerie Halloween scene and set the tone for the evening with this decoration. Neighbors and trick-or-treaters will jump if they get surprised by this giant web! It can be used inside or outside and is perfect for a haunted house.

#6 Giant Halloween Party Spider Web

giant halloween party spider web

Photo: BRAND NEW/amazon.com

If you’re looking for a 10-foot, black spider web, then we have just what you need! You can’t go wrong with this must-have party decoration. Feel free to get creative and accessorize it any way you want, whether it’s with spiders, ants, ghosts, skeletons, or anything else you can imagine.

#7 Sunstar Industries’ Giant Spider

sunstar industries giant spider halloween decoration

Photo: Sunstar Industries/Amazon.com

This web isn’t as big as the others, but the spider is certainly big enough to get your attention! You can hang this web on your wall or outside somewhere on the porch. Feel free to add as many little spiders as you want, or ad a fly for spider food!

#8 12 Giant Spider Webs

giant spider webs halloween decoration

Photo: Party Central/Amazon.com

Why have one spider web when you can have 12? That’s right—this pack comes with 12 webs that are six inches each and can be hung up all around the house. Though it may seem like it’s on the pricey side, it’s actual a Halloween investment for years to come!

#9 Hairy, LED-Eyed Spider

hairy led eyed spider halloween costume

Photo: Prextex/Amazon.com

There’s nothing better than when a spider’s eyes are glowing! It gives you the feeling that they’re alive and adds that spook factor your haunted house that you may have been missing.

#10 The Plush Spider

This 90-inch plush spider has legs that can be posed, making it possible to change its position every night! You can put it on the wall, and hide it in a place that’s sure to get a good scream out of your guests.

plush spider halloween decoration

Photo: spirithalloween.com

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