10 Best Pirate Halloween Costumes for Women

Best Pirate Halloween Costumes for Women
Photo: Photo: Smiffy's/Amazon.com

Looking for a Halloween costume that isn’t all princesses and damsels in distress? Well ladies, if you’re looking to change it up and save the day for once, then why not set sail and be a pirate this year?

Halloween night is all about adventure, excitement, danger and more—making it the perfect role for you to play! Every now and then, a change of pace is a good thing and we think it would be a good idea to let your inner pirate out to play, on the one night you get to be someone else.

So, if you’re tired of all the Elsas, Harley Quinns, and witches, then have a look at the 10 best pirate Halloween costumes for women!

Women’s Black Pearl Costume

women black pearl halloween costume

Photo: Shop Starline/Amazon.com

If you’re looking to channel your inner Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, then this costume is perfect for you. Why be a lady like Elizabeth Swann, when you can be a scoundrel, like Jack? Sure Elizabeth had some action to her, but the real star was always Jack, making this costume the perfect choice. It’s affordable and comes complete with a layered skirt, corset style top, and arm sleeves. The only thing you need to add is a black hat.


Adult Spanish Pirate Costume

adult spanish pirate halloween costume

Photo: spirithalloween.com

Have you ever felt like channeling Angelica, played by Spanish actress Penelope Cruz? If so, then this costume has your name written all over it. Angelica was in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, and she definitely wasn’t a damsel needed to be rescued. In this bold, red costume you will feel ready to do battle with any pirate, named after any beard! The sword and boots are not included, but accessories like those won’t be hard to find.

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Women’s Rouge Pirate Costume

women rouge pirate halloween costume

Photo: Shop Starline/Amazon.com

This pirate costume comes complete with a pirate vest and white dress, with a lace-up front. The hosiery, sword and hat are not included in this costume. But there’s no need to panic, because things like boots, hats, and weapons can be purchased at any Halloween costume store. This costume can easily be pared with a pistol, sword, or even a set of knives holstered around your waist, with an added belt.


Women’s Swashbuckler Pirate Costume

women swashbuckler pirate halloween costume

Photo: California Costumes/Amazon.com

This women’s pirate costume features a feathered hat, detachable ruffled sleeves, a sleeveless top with lace-up bodice, skirt, and a belt with skull buckle. It does not come with a sword, bracelets, boots or the white pettiskirt you see in the picture. One part of the fun that comes with Halloween, is the creativity that comes with accessorizing and wearing makeup with your costume.

Women’s Adult Pirate Maiden Costume

women adult pirate maiden halloween costume

Photo: Forum Novelties/Amazon.com

Have you ever wanted to be a pirate maiden? They’re usually the ones doing all the chores for pirates and serving the beer, but that doesn’t mean you have to! Feel free to go out of character and switch it up this year by adding a few items to your costume. If swords and guns will help you feel more adventurous, then feel free to add them, because this is the perfect costume to bring to themed costume parties and other celebrations on Halloween!

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Brazen Buccaneer Pirate Adult Costume

brazen buccaneer pirate adult costume

Photo: California Costumes/Amazon.com

This brazen buccaneer costume offers a change, steering a way from short skirts to fitted pants. After all, Halloween can be cold a night and sometimes those brutal winds can kick in! The jewelry and boots are not included, but that works out perfectly, because you were probably going to use your own anyway, right?

Women’s High Seas Pirate Wench

women high seas pirate wench halloween costume

Photo: Smiffy’s/Amazon.com

While every other girl is focused on bringing sexy back (not that it ever left) you can bring wench back and wear an entirely different pirate-themed costume. You can even pick out your own pirate wig!

Brown Leatherette Pirate Hat

brown leatherette pirate hat halloween costume

Photo: Jacobson Hat Company/Amazon.com

This is the one time where the hat is complete with the costume—minus the costume. This means that you can create your own pirate outfit for the night. Feel free to add weapons, jewelry and boots that will bring this whole costume together perfectly.

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Silver Pirate Sword

silver pirate sword halloween costume

Photo: Fun World/Amazon.com

People may not know too much about pirates, but we all know that every pirate needs a sword! This piece isn’t expensive at all and can be reused with different costumes.

Pirate Wig

pirate wig halloween costume

Photo: Smiffy’s/Amazon.com

Wearing a wig is part of the job as a pirate—even men wear them! So, why not join in on the fun and add a wig to your collection of pirate treasures? It can help you get into character and can be reused with other costumes.

We hope you got inspired by all of these costumes and are one step closer to getting ready for Halloween night! Yargh!


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