10 Best Harley Quinn Halloween Costumes

10 Best Harley Quinn Halloween Costumes
Photo: Matt Cowan / Staff / Getty Images

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s no surprise that one of the biggest trends in Halloween costumes has to be Suicide Squad’s, Harley Quinn! In fact, we’ve seen quite a few Harley Quinns strut the streets with a mallet or baseball bat in hand. Since it’s Halloween season, we have rounded up some of the best Harley Quinn costumes to give you some ideas. So, put on your craziest clown smile and get ready for trick-or-treating!

#1 Make Up

The key to perfecting Harley Quinn is the makeup. It’s easy to find the two-toned, pink-blue-blonde wig. But that’s not enough! You need the pink and blue eyeshadow, the long eyelashes and the bloody lip to complete the look. Turn up the crazy just a bit and you’re all set!

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Check out this tutorial to perfect the Harley Quinn makeup,

#2 Classic Harley Costume

Is the Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie look too common for you? You can always go with the classic Harley Quinn appearance from the original DC comic book universe, instead! The red and black symmetrical jumpsuit styled after the Renaissance court jester look is easily available, too. All you need to complete the look is a harmless mallet!

A better look at my Harley Quinn costume

#3 Suicide Squad Style

Margot Robbie is the one who made a crazy, devious, bloodthirsty clown look so awesome. So, it’s obvious many would want to replicate her look. Along with the whole red and blue outfit, you’ll need red and blue hair dye (non permanent), makeup, fishnet stockings, a studded belt, and those signature high heeled boots. Ditch the mallet for a baseball bat to complete the look. Don’t forget the chewing gum!

halloween costumes for girls

Photo: Matt Cowan / Staff / Getty Images

#4 Accessorize with Joker

What better accessory for Harley Quinn than “the Caliph of Clowns,” the “Mogul of Mountebanks,” the one and only, Joker! Joker and Harley Quinn, with their creepy yet adorable matching smiles, are the new trend of couple costumes for this year!

Halloween Darling Harley Quinn 2015

#5 Gender Bender

Whoever said that only girls could be Harley Quinn? If the Joker is too mainstream for the boys, they can just twist the comic-book Harley Quinn look to suit themselves. Maybe spare us the Margot Robbie male version!

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Halloween Costumes

#6 Little Harley

Ever imagine how Harley was as a child? Princesses and fairies are things of the past. Parents can dress up their little girls as Harley Girl, even without exposing their young minds to the Suicide Squad movie so early. Baby Harley will surely be popular!

Halloween with Lil Harley…

#7 Harley Needs Her Weapon

You can’t be Harley Quinn without her choice of weapon! It’s easy to find a baseball bat and draw some graffiti on it. As for her mallet, improvise on it out of household materials. Check out YouTube for DIY videos, but don’t leave the work for the last minute!

#8 Alyssa Campanella

Harley Quinn has also taken over Hollywood. Lately, numerous celebrities have given into the Suicide Squad craze. Former Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella rocked the red carpet in Harley Quinn best.

My favorite Harley Quinn cosplay…before it’s ruined at Halloween

#9 Holly Willoughby

Model and television presenter, Holly Willoughby dressed up as Harley Girl for the Celebrity Juice Halloween special. Fans couldn’t get enough of the uncanny resemblance of Willoughby’s Quinn to Margot Robbie!

#10 Poppy Delevingne

British supermodel, Poppy Delevingne stole hearts at UNICEF’s Halloween ball, with her bedazzled version of Harley Quinn.



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