15 Halloween Party Ideas for Teenagers and Adults

Halloween Party Ideas for Teenagers and Adults
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Halloween is almost here! You need to throw a Halloween party where people will have fun, with a theme they’ll never forget. Here are some easy and inexpensive Halloween party ideas for teenagers and adults, that will liven up your party. Use them,and your Halloween party will be spook-tacular!


Halloween is just around the corner. The days leading to Halloween can be used to come up with Halloween party games and ideas. Whether you need high school Halloween party ideas, or Halloween party ideas for adults, you’ll have a blast working on the preparations.

You can decorate your home however you’d like, and turn it into a creepy crypt or haunted house. Prepare some “finger foods,” have a bar with diabolical drinks, and decorate in a terrifyingly, terrific way! The more you scare your guests out of their mind, the more successful your Halloween party is!

1. Witch’s Fingers

Coat pretzel sticks with melted white chocolate, and dip one end in crushed peanuts, to resemble a nail. For an added effect, color the white chocolate with green food coloring, and mix red food coloring with honey to add blood to your witch’s fingers.

2. Skewered Eyeballs

Marinate mozzarella balls with the herbs and spices of your choosing. Slice the cheese. Get sliced and black and green olives and then place them on with a toothpick to make it look like eyeballs and the pupils.

3. Brain Cheese

Make a party cheese ball in the shape of a human brain, and add pimento peppers to look like blood clots. Cut tortillas into ghoulish shapes with cookie cutters, then toast lightly and spread the brain food on top. Grab some chips or crackers, and let your guests dig into some brains!

High School Halloween Party Ideas

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4. Themed Drinks

Place non-alcoholic cocktails in cauldrons, making them look like elixirs your guests will want to try. For the adults, make a signature cocktail to resemble some witches brew, or tempting poisons.

5. Bloody Glasses

Coat the edge of your drinking glasses using corn syrup dyed with red food coloring, or grenadine syrup. Turn the glasses right side up, and allow the mixture to drip down the glasses. You can serve your guests with your hellish concoctions!

6. Make it Spooky

You can hang shredded black garbage bags at the entrance of your home and old, torn sheets in the windows to make your party room look scary and abandoned.

halloween party ideas for adults

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7. House of Haunts

Use cardboard covered in black tissue paper to create scary shapes and shadowy figures lurking in the windows and your doorways. You can keep battery operated lights in the corners of your room, to give your shadowy figures a spooky glow.

8. Celebrity Masquerade Theme

Have your guests dress up as their favorite celebrity, or movie character for the party. Make it a contest where other people have to guess what character or star they are dressed as for some amazing prizes!

9. Make-Your-Own Costume Bar

Use old clothes, or make a trip to a second hand store, so that you have a variety of clothes and accessories for your guests to make their own costumes with! This can be in lieu of a costume-theme, or just for those who decide to not dress up!

halloween party ideas for teenagers

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10. Ghost Bingo

Make your own Halloween bingo cards with images such as black cats, ghosts, bats, witches, and whatever else you can think of, to go where the numbers are usually placed. Use candy corn, or make your own Halloween-themed markers, and yell “Boo” every time someone gets a bingo!

11. Spider Web Maze

Divide your guests into teams and watch as they try to untangle strands of yarn to get to prizes you’ve hidden underneath! Use different colored yarn to liven up the game.

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12. Tell a Spooky Story

Sit in a circle and start a scary story! After two sentences ask the person next to you to take the story forward. Keep this going until the story is complete! Make it interesting by giving your guests spooky keywords to use in their sentences.

13. Game of Dare

Before the Halloween party, put pieces of paper with different dares inside black and orange balloons. Blow up the balloons and have your guests choose one. Get them to pop their balloon and then perform whatever gruesome dare they’re given!

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14. Trunk-or-Treating

Trunk-or-treat ideas are also fun to have on Halloween. Trunk-or-treat events bring Halloween to parking lots where you can go from car to car to get candy! You can do it in your school, as a block party, or at the community center. You can decorate your car to look like a hungry car, creepy ventriloquist dummy and friends, candy land, angry birds, or even a spooky graveyard! This is a great idea to do with family members and friends with small children, as you know the candy your children are receiving will be safe to eat!

15. Must Have Fun

The most important thing is to have tons of fun! Halloween only comes once a year, so go all out and enjoy it! Use all the above ideas and make your Halloween party fun and terrifying. Remember, the more fun your guests have, the more memorable your Halloween party will be!

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