10-15 Best DIY Halloween Costumes

Best DIY Halloween Costumes
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Now that Halloween is right around the corner, why don’t you celebrate the spirit of Halloween by busting out your old your sewing machine, needles, and colorful fabric and create your own? DIY Halloween costumes is a fun way to design your own costume and look the part. For those of you who are a little tight on budget and cannot spend a huge amount of money on purchasing a costume for Halloween, then worry not, because we have the perfect solution for you. If you are searching for terms such as “DIY Halloween costume ideas” and “easy Halloween costume ideas,” then you have come to the right place.

Halloween is certainly the most favorite holiday because this is the day where you can get creative with your costume choice. Stores and the Internet offer a plethora of options that can leave you confused on what exactly to dress up as. If you prefer the old fashion way of creating your own costume to attend a Halloween party or trick-or-treat with your friends in, then worry not, because we have compiled a list of 10 awesome DIY Halloween costumes. Let’s take a look at them!

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Quick Halloween Costume Ideas

#1 Red Riding Hood

Over the river and through the woods…


If you prefer a classic costume, then becoming Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween seems to be the perfect and safest option for you. Collect red color clothes and get started on your costume!

#2 Alice in Wonderland


Let your imagination be your wonderland, and dress up as Alice for Halloween! If you grew up watching Alice in Wonderland, then why don’t you become one of the famed characters for Halloween?

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#3 Creepy Pumpkin Head

Not that creative? Then don’t worry! You can always go old school and just carve a pumpkin and your Halloween look is ready in minutes!

#4 Little Dwarfs

Take our word, small children will definitely look adorable in this costume, and they’re little enough to pull it off right! Dress up your kids as little dwarfs and send them out trick-or-treating.

#5 Little Devils

Take a page from classic Halloween and opt for an old-fashioned look; you can never go wrong with dressing up like a classic little devil on Halloween!

#6 Halloween Story

Me and my wife’s Halloween Costumes this year

If you are sucker for love stories, then why not dress up as Aladdin and Jasmine and impress guests at the Halloween party.

#7 Pokémon Maniacs

My GF chose this as our Halloween costumes 🙂

Now that everybody is obsessed with the Pokémon craze, go the extra step and dress up as your favorite character, Pikachu and his Poke ball!

#8 French Fries

My friend took his autistic stepson shopping for Halloween costumes. Now I want a Frylock costume.

Who doesn’t love french fries? Easy and delicious! Go the extra mile and make your own McDonald’s costume with your partner, siblings, or friends.

#9 Lego lovers

Lego Costumes!

Who doesn’t like to play Lego? Remove your water colors and creativity and start making a Lego costume for yourself!

#10 Avatar

Dress up as Na’vi with your friends in your own Pandora world! You might need a hand with the make-up application though!


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