Why It’s So Dangerous for Women in May-December Relationships to Get Drunk Around Men Their Own Age: Part 2

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Brian stood in front of me, putting his hips between my knees. At over six feet and 225 pounds, seeing his lean muscular body so close to my five-foot-two body was almost terrifying, but also incredibly exciting. I was sure that I knew what he wanted and after he pulled me into him, kissing me passionately while wrapping his arms around my body, I just knew that I wanted the same thing. There was no stopping us, not one bit of struggle or second thought.
I slid up into the bed of the truck as he climbed in and took off his shirt.…

Why It’s So Dangerous for Women in May-December Relationships to Get Drunk Around Men Their Own Age: Part 1

may december relationships

My best friend’s 21st birthday was about 12 days before my wedding to my older man, Keegan. Her boyfriend and I were secretly planning a birthday bash at a local bar for her. She had been dying to wear one of my Versace dresses, so I put it in my car along with a stunning pair of stilettos for her to wear. At this point, I still needed help putting together my wedding favors, so as an excuse to get her to come to the venue, I asked my friend to help me. When I picked her up dressed to the nines, she was immediately suspicious.…

This Study Proves Why More Women Should Consider Dating an Older Man

This Study Proves Why More Women Should Consider Dating an Older Man

A lot of people question why a younger woman would want to date an older man when she can be with any man her own age. Ask any woman who’s openly been in an age-gap relationship with an older man and she’ll tell you about at least one situation where someone has tried to list off the many problems with a big age difference in relationships. Well, a recent study out of the U.K. offers one big reason why dating an older man might actually be better.
According to the study, the one thing that puts the biggest strain on a couple’s relationship is money.…

Can Men and Women Ever Be Just Friends? (ANSWER!)

Can Men and Women Ever Be Just Friends? (ANSWER!)

There have been movies about it, TV shows that touch on it, even songs about it. You may have even found yourself asking this very big question in your own May-December dating adventures—can a man and woman ever really be “just friends?”
It’s an age-old question, one that often leaves people sitting on either side of the fence. But researchers in Norway have come up with one possible explanation that supports the naysayers. According to the findings, men and women can’t be friends because they misinterpret each other too much.…

EarnTheNecklace.com Weighs in on Study Showing Men Prefer Younger Women for 2nd Marriages

EarnTheNecklace.com, the world’s largest forum where younger women who are in a relationship with a much older man share their stories and experiences, is weighing in on a recent study showing that men who get remarried are more likely to wed a much younger spouse.
According to a recent study, American men who remarry are more likely to walk down the aisle with a younger woman. This analysis, based upon recently released data from the 2013 American Community Survey, found that approximately 20% of remarried men have a wife who is at least 10 years younger, while a further 18% married a woman six to nine years younger.…

Study: Men Prefer Much Younger Women in Second Marriages


It certainly isn’t uncommon to see a big age gap in marriage these days. More and more people are realizing now that it’s very much possible to have a genuine, committed, successful relationship with someone who is older. And because May-December love stories are starting to become more accepted and practiced, so is a large age gap in marriage. However, it still seems that an age gap marriage is more in the cards the second or third time around.
A study by Pew Research has discovered that for American men, there’s more likely to be a larger age gap in marriage—an older man and a younger woman—if it isn’t his first time down the aisle.…

Money, Kids, and Sex—Why Younger Women Date Rich, Older Men: Part 1

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When I first started dating my older man, only a few people knew about my May-December relationship. He is 23 years older than me, and when people find out, they tend to be very judgmental, so I usually get a lot of awkward questions. Also, I’ve been told that a May-December relationship is a recipe for trouble, which isn’t always true. People just tend to jump to conclusions because they don’t know any different. So, here are a few of the questions I frequently get asked about being with an older man.…

EarnTheNecklace.com Comments on Study Showing All Men Desire Women in Their Mid-Twenties

EarnTheNecklace.com, the world’s largest forum where younger women who are in a relationship with much older men share their stories and experiences, is weighing in on a recent study that found men may be hardwired to desire women in their twenties.
A study financed by the Academy of Finland surveyed 12,656 men and women aged 18 to 49 in an effort to gauge age preferences in sexual partners. Researchers found that women in their late teens and twenties are interested in men similar in age or slightly older.…

Why So Many Women Keep in Touch with Another Man Even When They’re In a Committed May-December Relationship


Sometimes it’s good to have a plan B, like when you’re making dinner reservations or planning something outdoors, but what about when it comes to your May-December relationship?
If you’re a younger woman who’s ever been in a May-December relationship with an older man, but secretly had another man lined up in case your relationship fell apart, you’re not the only one. A recent study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, found that a lot of people keep their options open by holding on to “backburner” relationships, which refers to someone you’re not romantically involved with, but with whom you continue to communicate with “in order to keep or establish the possibility of future romantic and/or sexual involvement.” It isn’t just someone you think of every now and then—it’s someone you intentionally reach out and keep in contact with.…

Study: Young Women Who Date Older Men May Not Be Looking for a Traditional Marriage


A lot of women grow up dreaming about marrying their perfect man before they’re 30, but judging by the high divorce rate, there are also a lot of people who obviously didn’t realize what they were getting themselves into by jumping into a marriage so soon.
The fact of the matter is that, like dating, the concept of marriage is evolving. More young women today have a better understanding of what it takes to make a long-term relationship work, and they know that a man needs more than good looks and chivalry to be a good husband.…

Scientific Proof That Sugar Daddy Relationships Really Do Work


Even though sugar daddy dating has gotten more popular in recent years, a lot of people still have doubts about the legitimacy of having a sugar daddy—many people assume that it can’t possibly be a healthy relationship if it’s based on money. But the results of a new study provide a pretty solid foundation for why sugar daddy dating and the relationships that stem from it can actually be pretty successful.
The study, which was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, conducted five experiments on nearly 900 participants and found that the majority of straight men took a hit to their self-esteem if their partner succeeded, such as if their partner made more money than they did.…

A Scientifically Proven Way to Make Your Age Gap Relationships More Successful


With younger women dating older men, the relationships are no different than conventional ones, in that age gap relationships still require some ounce of effort on both ends in order to really work—as the old saying goes, “you’ve got to give a little to get a little.”
Even younger women dating older men expect to get something out of the relationship, and not all of them are going to be satisfied with just money, expensive gifts, fancy getaways, or even sex. A lot of women in age gap relationships are also looking for that emotional connection; they’re looking for a partner who will be there to support them through thick and thin.…

EarnTheNecklace.com Responds to Conventional Poll Showing Women Want Ambitious Charmer

EarnTheNecklace.com, a revealing and engaging web site with articles written by women who exchange their stories and confessions about being in a relationship with a much older man, is responding to a recent conventional dating survey showing that women seek an ambitious charmer, while men want a beautiful woman with a great sense of humor.
According to a recent poll that looked at the dating preferences in the modern age, seven out of 10 Americans believe that expecting a date to pay for everything isn’t acceptable, but that it’s still the man’s job to cover the costs of the first date.…