Why I Agreed to a Lunch Date with My Older, Married Ex-Lover: Part 2

may_december_relationship_august28_13I remember that night when we got home, I called Derrick as soon as my husband, Robert, had gone to sleep. I told him that I felt really guilty about what happened, and that I knew it was just a kiss, but because it meant so much, the guilt was eating away at me. I told him that I was unsure if I could be the type of woman who could break her vows. Surprisingly, he was very supportive. He said he was also unsure as to where he wanted us to go. He said that he really did realize how much he loved and missed his wife after their divorce. He was genuinely trying to work things out with her.

If you hadn’t come back into my life, there is no doubt that I would be a faithful man. I told you, Cassie, you are a dangerous woman.” I could hear the guilt in his voice as well, and I knew that it would be best if we were both just friends until we figured it out.

So, we’ll take it slow, like you said a long time ago,” I said honestly. “And we’ll walk before we run. I could use an old friend, especially one as sexy as you are—”

He interrupted me. “Watch yourself, Cassie. One wrong word and everything I said might go out the window.” He paused and took a deep breath. “You know what you do to me.”

Derrick and I continued talking over the phone, usually when Robert wasn’t home. One particular evening, I was on the phone with Derrick when I heard Robert open the front door—he had just gotten home from work. I quickly told Derrick that I would contact him later and that we should set up a friendly lunch date, just to chat.

A part of me felt guilty. While I wasn’t having a full-fledged affair with Derrick, I was still breaking my vows by being secretive and thinking of another man. I had a heavy heart and genuinely felt bad, and it was about to get worse. I could have never prepared for the conversation that was about to take place.

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Why I Agreed to a Lunch Date with My Older, Married Ex-Lover: Part 2, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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Cassandra G

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I had dated various men through college, but at the end of the day, they were all the same: serious about school, but not about me. The “relationships” never seemed to last more than a few dates, and most of the time I ended up having to pay, open my own doors, and drive myself to cheesy date spots. To make matters even worse, the sex was always predictable. It’s like all college men lived off the same sex handbook. No matter how many guys I went out with, it always ended with me feeling the same way: bored, unsatisfied, and never stimulated. At the age of 22, I wanted nothing more than to have privacy, and the kind of financial stability that would allow me to sustain the luxurious lifestyle that I wanted. I thought graduating from college would be my out, but it actually turned out to be my rich, older man, Derrick. He was a mature, well-established businessman that knew how to treat a lady. He was everything I was looking for.

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Why I Agreed to a Lunch Date with My Older, Married Ex-Lover: Part 1

may december relationshipI had not had any contact with Derrick since the night at the restaurant. We were both trying hard to make our respective marriages work and we knew that if we had too much contact, we would not be able to contain ourselves. We had arranged to meet up for lunch in a public place so that we could both behave. Meeting with him was very peaceful, and surprisingly, we spoke as old friends would. We talked about our marriages, our jobs, and our pasts. We were doing something that we hadn’t done in years—getting to actually know each other.…

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  1. Melanie

    She needs to divorce her husband and get with the lover!

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