4 Reasons Why Hawaii Is a Good Place to Find an Older Man

beachHawaii isn’t just a hot vacation spot—it’s also one of the top five states where women reported having no problem dating an older man with at least 30 years on them, according to a survey by the online dating site SugarDaddyForMe.com. So why are Hawaiian women attracted to older men?

Money: It isn’t cheap to own real estate on the luxurious islands—the cost of housing is higher in Hawaii than in most other states. An older man is more likely to have the cash to afford the fancy beachfront digs.

Status: If there’s one place where aging is embraced, it’s Hawaii, where elders are regarded with utmost respect, honor, and authority. There’s definitely a certain allure to being with an older man that holds that kind of stature and prestige in the community.

Geography: Hawaii’s warm and tropical climate, lush greenery, and stunning ocean beaches make it the ideal spot for a budding romance, regardless of age. Women arguably want someone to enjoy it with and if that means a well-to-do, older man, then even better.

Lifestyle: Hawaiians enjoy a very simple, laidback lifestyle. They value the peace and tranquility of nature, and practice natural healing. The Hawaiian culture emphasizes health and wellness, and because of this, an older man could be just as physically fit as a younger one.


Spira, J., “Online Dating Survey Says Over 50% of Women Will Date Men 30 Years Older,” Huffington Post web site, April 24, 2013; http://goo.gl/wQspq.

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