What Happened When I Tried to End My Affair with a Rich, Older Man: Part 1

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My unfaithful actions almost destroyed my marriage. I can say without a doubt in my heart that if my husband had found out that I had cheated on him, he would have left me in the street with nothing. And I can’t say that I would blame him. After my close call, I ignored Derrick’s phone calls and texts for over a month. He only made a few attempts to contact me at first, but as the weeks passed, he began to contact me almost every day. He knew that if he tried hard enough, I would eventually give in. And he didn’t like being ignored.

I realized how unfair I was being to Derrick. Besides, I needed to see him one last time to set things straight. I had to tell him that I could no longer have an affair. My heart was no longer invested with Derrick. I realized, after I almost lost my husband, that I only lusted after Derrick, and that my heart was with my husband. The gifts and sex had clouded my judgment once again. I had lost Josh, my old fiancé, who happened to be an amazing man, because of the lies related to Derrick. I could not lose my husband too. I texted Derrick with four simple words: We need to talk.

I’m not sure why, but I met him at the same hotel we had been meeting at during the five months of our affair. I wasn’t in the mood to argue or change what was safe for us. When I got to the room, Derrick was laying in bed. Immediately, he asked me to lie next to him, but I could tell by his voice that something was wrong. This was not about sex.

What’s wrong?” I asked. I hoped in my heart that he would say that we could no longer see each other. I was afraid that if I broke things off, I would eventually just call him back and try to arrange something. My passion for him was too strong. I knew that eventually I would break and try to see him again.

She filed for divorce,” said Derrick.

I was completely and utterly thrown off. This changed everything…

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Cassandra G

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I had dated various men through college, but at the end of the day, they were all the same: serious about school, but not about me. The “relationships” never seemed to last more than a few dates, and most of the time I ended up having to pay, open my own doors, and drive myself to cheesy date spots. To make matters even worse, the sex was always predictable. It’s like all college men lived off the same sex handbook. No matter how many guys I went out with, it always ended with me feeling the same way: bored, unsatisfied, and never stimulated. At the age of 22, I wanted nothing more than to have privacy, and the kind of financial stability that would allow me to sustain the luxurious lifestyle that I wanted. I thought graduating from college would be my out, but it actually turned out to be my rich, older man, Derrick. He was a mature, well-established businessman that knew how to treat a lady. He was everything I was looking for.

The Whole Story

What Happened When I Tried to End My Affair with a Rich, Older Man: Part 2

may_december_relationships_september14_13Wait, what?” I asked Derrick in disbelief.
“She’s leaving, Cassie. She’s not even fighting me for the money. She said I can shove it up my a*s.”  I looked at Derrick in silence. For a moment I felt as if God was testing me. This should have been the greatest news I had ever heard. “She found someone else. She’s leaving.” He smiled. And then he continued. “I know you’re married but—”
“Stop, please.” I couldn’t hear what Derrick was about to say. I was not strong enough to hear that he wanted me.…

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