Vin Diesel’s Younger Woman Steps Out to Support Her Older Man


Vin Diesel, 45, is pretty adamant about keeping his personal life under wraps, including details about his long-term relationship with 27-year-old Mexican model Paloma Jiménez. The celebrity couple has been dating since 2007 and even has two kids together.

Jiménez and their two kids aren’t seen together in public very often, but the whole family came out to support Diesel as he accepted his star on the renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame on August 26. The award was presented to him by his Fast & Furious co-star, Michelle Rodriguez— these two were actually rumored to be dating a few years before Diesel met Jiménez.

Although Diesel hardly ever talks about his relationship with his younger woman, he did hint in the past that she’s the one he might be willing to settle down with. When asked in an interview about the possibility of marriage, Diesel said, “I am honored that my fans want to be a part of my life. But I’ll let the news out only when Paloma and I decide on taking the next step.” He also referred to her as his “calming influence” and that he’s grateful to her for giving him a “beautiful angelic daughter who makes my heart melt every time I see her.”


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