Amani F


The relationship started innocently enough—like many, it grew from a platonic, working relationship. He was a well-respected, prominent business man with a seemingly perfect life, a wife, children who had grown up to be successful adults, and a rel...

Amber C


As a married mother of two kids, I don’t have much time for the bar scene anymore. Hell, I don’t have much time for any scene anymore. So, when a few months ago I was invited out for a cousin’s bachelorette party, I happily accepted. The nig...

Cassandra G


I had dated various men through college, but at the end of the day, they were all the same: serious about school, but not about me. The “relationships” never seemed to last more than a few dates, and most of the time I ended up having to pay, ope...

Emilee A


Sam was my new boss. I was 24; he was 46. We were both married, and I was immediately attracted to him. We began having lunches off campus, then crafting ways to meet for drinks after work, dinners out, even the occasional Saturday when I would tell ...

Francine K


I first met Alfred when I was 38 and he was 63, on an Internet chat site. I really didn't think this was a datable person, but a wonderful friendship developed. We became chat buddies for a while and connected so well on so many levels, we decided to...



I moved to Chicago when I was 31 to take up a new job. Although I was successful in my career, I quickly met and fell in love with—and then was dropped just as quickly—by a younger pro football player. After that, I decided I was going to live my...

Isabella M


I was never patriotic, so when Independence Day came, the last thing on my mind was to go out and celebrate. I was bored and I was lonely, and though they weren’t my normal crowd, thesse girls were friends and family members who I grew up with. But...

Julz Afflair


I was raised with nice things and nice cars, as my father owned an oil company. When the oil busted in the 1980s, I met my son’s father and in six weeks agreed to marry him. He could afford me. He owned homes and airplanes. Money was no object. I e...

Lena S


I’d always dreamed of the perfect fairytale prince in storybooks—ready with money and status to come save me from my chaotic, average life and treat me like his princess. Add a 26-year age difference and I found the closest thing to it. Not every...

Sophie M


It started as a search on Google. I had put the kids to bed and was catching up on reading the news on the Net. I was lonely; my husband was out again, just like every other night. I knew he would be back late. The house was clean, dishes washed, kid...



I am 26 and my husband 45. At first, our friendship existed mostly online. I was actually helping my now husband with his dating profile when it dawned on me that he was exactly what I was looking for in a perfect life partner. So, I asked him out an...

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