Insights From a Real-Life Sugar Daddy


Sugar daddies usually get a bad rap for their lifestyle—spoiling beautiful, young women with money and expensive gifts isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of a healthy relationship. But one real-life sugar daddy, Alan Schneider, wants the world to know that there’s nothing wrong with today’s women wanting a sugar daddy. In fact, he believes that it’s really nothing new. “The sugar daddy lifestyle is a throwback to traditional relationship values, where the roles are defined between men and women,” says Schneider. “The man is the primary provider and is chivalrous and pampering; while the woman is nurturing.”

The sugar daddy lifestyle is often bashed by critics who say that it’s no different from prostitution. But according to Schneider, that couldn’t be more wrong, because sugar daddy/ sugar baby relationships are like any other relationship between a man and a woman. “Sugar daddy relationships are ongoing relationships, not one night stands, and they are as monogamous as other relationships, often more so,” says Schneider. “Many sugar daddy relationships evolve into marriage or long term committed relationships. They are based on mutual spoiling and pampering… and what’s wrong with that?”

Schneider is a good example of what the lifestyle is like today, and it’s about more than just an exchange of money or sex. According to Schneider, a modern-day sugar daddy spoils his sugar baby with money, but also devotes “time to listen, mentor, and enrich his sugar baby. Whether it’s helping her do her college assignments, establish a business, or just mentor her, the sugar daddy provides much more than money to the relationship.”

What do you think: Do you agree with Alan Schneider’s opinion about the modern-day sugar daddy?


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