How I Got Her Husband to Give Me the Best Sex of My Life: Part 2

How I Got Her Husband to Give Me the Best Sex of My Life: Part 2

One night, Derrick and I were lying in bed, his arms wrapped tightly around me, and I brought up the topic of marriage again. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” I told him. “I want to keep moving forward and not let anyone keep us apart.” My heart was open to him and I had never felt more vulnerable as I did in that moment. The amount of love I felt in my heart was indescribable.

Derrick looked down at me and kissed my forehead. He smiled and held me a little tighter. “One day at time, Cassie. We both just got out of serious relationships. Let’s not run before we walk.”

My heart dropped to my feet, but deep down in my gut I knew that he was right. What was the rush? His divorce was just finalized, and it had merely been days since I had broken off an engagement to an amazing man, solely because of the lies. I nodded my head, agreeing with what Derrick said. With a heavy heart, I sat up, got out of bed, and headed for the shower. As I walked past Derrick, I hiked up my skirt and winked at him. I was hoping he’d understand that my not-so-subtle hint was really an invitation for him to join me.

I purposely left the bathroom door slightly ajar and starting to undress. My bare back was toward him, and I could feel him walking towards me. I jumped into the shower and let the water run down over my body. The mix of warm air and cold water on my body was intoxicating. As I lathered myself with soap, I suddenly felt Derrick behind me. I turned to face him and there stood my handsome older man—naked, full of desire, and with a big smile on his face.

Derrick grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. With his other hand, he grabbed my hair and gently pulled my head back. His lips pressed against my skin, kissing my neck, and slowly moving down to my chest. His grip stayed firm on my hair and the desire in me grew like wildfire. The yearning in my body for this man was intense and I could no longer hold back. I moaned as his hands moved down my body.

The moment was ours and I felt like my life had changed forever. Love filled the air as the two of us became one—needless to say it was the best sex we had ever had. Little did I know that in that moment, I really had become the new Mrs. Friedman, just not in the way I had hoped. That moment was the beginning of our end.

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How I Got Her Husband to Give Me the Best Sex of My Life: Part 2, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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Cassandra G

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I had dated various men through college, but at the end of the day, they were all the same: serious about school, but not about me. The “relationships” never seemed to last more than a few dates, and most of the time I ended up having to pay, open my own doors, and drive myself to cheesy date spots. To make matters even worse, the sex was always predictable. It’s like all college men lived off the same sex handbook. No matter how many guys I went out with, it always ended with me feeling the same way: bored, unsatisfied, and never stimulated. At the age of 22, I wanted nothing more than to have privacy, and the kind of financial stability that would allow me to sustain the luxurious lifestyle that I wanted. I thought graduating from college would be my out, but it actually turned out to be my rich, older man, Derrick. He was a mature, well-established businessman that knew how to treat a lady. He was everything I was looking for.

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In less than a year, I had managed to break off two engagements with two great men. The only part of my life that was not in complete shambles was school, and that too would soon come to an end. I was just starting my last semester of college when I moved into my older man, Derrick’s, mansion. Moving in with my ex-fiancé probably wasn’t the smartest decision, considering that I had just broken off my engagement with Josh, my younger man, the day before. But at the time, I was convinced that living with Derrick was what I really wanted.…

  • Robert Van Mierlo Jr

    Moaning reading this luscious story. This is more my style of sexual reading.

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