How I Ended Up In Hawaii With an Older Man Who Wasn’t My Husband: Part 1

How I Ended Up In Hawaii With an Older Man Who Wasn’t My Husband: Part 1My rich, older boyfriend called me one afternoon: “Hi, Princess, what are you doing the first week of March?”

I don’t know yet,” I told him. “I’ll have to check my calendar.”

OK, but call me back soon because I need to know.”

I knew it had to be something important because my “prince” only made advance reservations when it was for something big. I put the phone down and flipped to March 1 in my diary. It was a Friday, and I had no appointments or other commitments lined up for the following week.

Just as I was about to call him back to tell him that my schedule was clear, I realized that that was the week I had planned to catch up on stuff around the house, because my kids would be staying over at my mother-in-law’s house. My husband would be gone, too. It was the only free time I had for the next few months to get stuff organized, and to do some minor renovations at home. It turns out that I wouldn’t be free at all. I quickly dialed my boyfriend’s number to tell him the bad news: “Sorry, my prince, I’m kind of busy that week. But what’s so important that you need to know right away?”

Do you remember saying how you always wanted to go to Hawaii? I have a week clear and I wanted to take you on the trip of a lifetime. Let me take you away for that fantasy holiday you’ve always dreamed about.”

I told him that I had too much to do and that it would be too hard to get away for a week. But he wasn’t having it, and insisted that I had to “live in the moment” and reconsider. I said I would think about it and get back to him soon.

My prince always made me think about things, and always made me feel like I wasn’t being grateful enough for everything he did for me. He just didn’t understand that I had to come up with excuses a lot of the time, and that it wasn’t as easy as packing up and taking off for a week. I realized it was going to be too hard to resist such a generous offer, so I called him back and said I’d go.

Perfect! I will get my assistant to arrange everything and advise you accordingly,” he said. “Just check your email in a half hour and you should have everything by then.” I put the phone down and started thinking of what excuse I would use on my husband this time…

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It started as a search on Google. I had put the kids to bed and was catching up on reading the news on the Net. I was lonely; my husband was out again, just like every other night. I knew he would be back late. The house was clean, dishes washed, kids in bed, and I was all on my own with time on my hands. I should have gone to sleep; the kids made me tired running after them all day, but I could not sleep. I was thinking of where my husband was. I called him—the usual response: “Will be home soon.” “Soon” would turn into hours, and I would be left to busy myself. Then I came upon a sugar daddy dating website. I checked it out and decided to set up an account—what the heck, it was just for fun. I would only be chatting anyway. The following day I followed the same routine: the kids asleep, husband was out, and I sat and opened my laptop. Opened my e-mail, normal everyday stuff—and then I noticed I had responses from the dating website. Just as I began deleting them, one of the messages caught my eye: “I would love to get together for a coffee, but I am traveling for a month and won’t be back, so let’s correspond by e-mail?” I could live with that—I was lonely and bored, so chitchat would be fine. I responded and waited to see what would happen…

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How I Ended Up in Hawaii with an Older Man Who Wasn’t My Husband: Part 2

86506453Sometimes I felt like this double life I was leading was getting to be too much. On one hand, it was such a glamorous lifestyle with my “prince.” On the other hand, I was still a wife and mother. Then again, I had gotten the “distraction” that I had wished for, so why was I complaining?
Sure enough, there was a new e-mail in my inbox thirty minutes later. The flight had been booked for 9:00 a.m. on Friday March 1—first-class to Hawaii—returning on March 8.
I had exactly 10 days to plan for this vacation—10 days to conjure up a story to tell my husband about why I would be gone for a week.…

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146905964I tore open the pink package that the flight attendant had given me, while my “prince” looked on beside me. Inside was a pink blanket, pink slippers and a pink face mask, all adorned with Swarovski crystals. Aside from us, there was only one other man in the first-class section. I would later find out that the other man was actually my prince’s personal bodyguard.
When we arrived in Hawaii, there was a black Escalade waiting at the airport to take us to the resort. We had the best room in the hotel—the imperial suite.…

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