How a Stranger’s Lip Gloss Cost My Husband $26,000: Part 2

  By: - January 10, 2015 Strangers Lip Gloss Cost My Husband

We arrived at the club just as my husband’s stripper was about to dance her first set. It was a weekday evening, and so the club was not crowded. After her first dance, the gentleman sitting at the table next to ours purchased a lap dance for me—from her. He had no idea how explosive the Pandora’s Box was that he was opening. But this gentleman’s gift worked perfectly into my plan. My husband’s stripper came over and gave me the lap dance, and when she was done I told her that I wanted to go to VIP with her and several girls. I had also asked for the club’s manager to come over to our table, and when the manager arrived I handed her my husband’s unlimited American Express credit card. I had a card connected to his account; however, the account was his responsibility to pay. I gave the manager my sweetest smile and instructed her to send over the girl who had just danced for me, plus several other dancers, to the VIP room, where I would meet them. And I did not stop there. In addition to the VIP service, I asked her to serve Cristal champagne to all the patrons in the club until closing time.

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When my friend and I arrived in the VIP section, my husband’s stripper sat me down, and then sat on my lap, and asked me what I wanted her to do. I looked at her, and then grabbed her by both arms: I told her to do to me exactly what she had been doing to my husband over the last two weeks. She shook free from my grip, and jumped up and ran to presumably phone my husband. However, before she could make the call, the club’s manager persuaded her back to our VIP room. I had way too much champagne that evening, but I do recall that at the end of this revenge-filled evening, I was brought a bill that was well over $26,000. I tipped generously and signed the receipt.

When I arrived home, I went into the kitchen and smacked the receipt down on the counter. My husband picked it up and looked at it, his eyes growing wider and wider the further down he read, until finally he began to yell at me. My son heard the commotion and came down the hall. His response to the brouhaha was that at least the outlandish bill was cheaper than a “revenge lay.” However, lay wasn’t the word he used. My husband was incredibly angry with me, which, quite frankly, I deserved. I wasted a heck of a lot of money getting satisfaction from revenge for his cheating. The revenge did feel good, and that champagne certainly tasted good…but, looking back, it was not my finest decision. I could have bought a small car for what I spent that evening.

As I relayed this story to the Stetson man, I could see the intrigue in his smile. He explained that he had never been to a gentlemen’s club. On this plane trip, we happened to be flying to Vegas for his birthday. I had been wondering about what to get for the man who seemed to already have everything. Of course, his response after hearing this stripper-revenge story was that he wished for us to share his first VIP strip club experience that weekend. The Stetson man and I did not spend anywhere near $26,000 that night in the strip club, but we also did not stay in the VIP section very long before we left for the privacy of our hotel room.

However, after hearing several of these stories from my past, the Stetson man began to unfairly apply them to our own relationship, and overreact to any difficulties we had between us. At times, when things were a little uncertain between us, he would change lock codes at the mansion and cut off credit cards, for fear that I would do to him what I did to my ex. Time passed, though, and the Stetson man finally grew aware that he was safe in our relationship, and I also learned to be selective about what I would share from my past.

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  • manestro

    So let me get this straight: You got revenge on your second husband for cheating on you but you have no problem jet setting around the world in the private plane of a married man???? Take a look in the mirror, you selfish hypocrite.

    • Jenn Uknowit

      were did it say the guy was married?

      • Chao

        In Part 1.

      • Jason

        The very first line of part 1 “The Stetson man, my married lover,”

    • diablo135

      And committing credit card fraud

      • Isabella Mockery

        Just how do you get credit card fraud out of the fact that she had access privileges on the card?

    • Taylor Wiish

      The married lover could have an open relationship with his wife.…i imagine its really hard to hide an affair involving mansions, private jets and credit card access. ..

  • Sanity

    Stetson man finally grew aware that he was safe in our relationship, and I also learned to be selective about what I would share from my past.”

    Stetson man is clearly not safe in your “relationship” — no man would be and your husband certainly wasn’t — so I presume the change came about when you started hiding your true self from him by censoring details of your past behaviour. Good luck holding down a relationship on that basis, though, Little Miss Borderline. I don’t blame your husband for playing away from home — life with you must be hell. And for you to put your poor son through all this — what kind of a mother would do that? The problem is not your husband. The problem is you.

  • Jen Jones

    What piece of **** did I just read, and what is wrong with that woman?

  • betty B

    what a waste of $26k. I would’ve gotten myself new shoes, clothes, makeup, and a no expenses spared day at the spa/ salon for me and my 3 best friends

    • Melissa Knight-Lee

      I think i would have to agree. Maybe even plastic surgery for that price lol. I mean it sucks her husband was messing around with a stripper but that’s really not good revenge to me. Just my opinion.

    • diablo135

      It’s called credit card fraud. That kind of crap raises costs for everyone.

      • Crimson Fox

        No, it was a joint account. So, not fraud.

      • Isabella Mockery

        Nope, she had joint access to that credit card. That is not fraud.

  • carbonated_turtle

    I randomly stumbled upon this, and didn’t read part one, but I was glad I didn’t waste any time on this idiocy after reading “We arrived at the club just as my husband’s stripper was about to dance her first set.”

    Whatever you meant by “my husband’s stripper”, makes you and you’re husband douche bags. I’m not even close to being a prude, but people whose lives revolve around only sex and sluttiness are useless wastes of space.

    • Carley Scott

      And who are you to judge someone else for whether they like sex? You’re closer to prude than you think.

    • Kayla

      You didn’t want to waste time reading three rest of it, but doesn’t the time to type a pretty long comment? That makes absolutely no sense.

      • SJF2

        Nor does your post… Do you proofread?

  • Janet Davis

    So, her husband cheated…she took his card, blew a CRAZY amount of money at the very strip club his “lover/stripper/girlfriend worked at to get revenge. That’s the crux of it, isn’t it?

    I agree, I could think if a ton of better ways to spend $26,000.00, but as far as revenge schemes go? This was choice. She could’ve done a lot worse to him…things that involve humiliation, vandalism, bloodletting, etc., etc.. Instead she chose to book it to his gentlemen’s club & fly through his cash getting his “daily special”, experiencing first hand what he enjoyed rather frequently. It could’ve been MUCH MUCH WORSE.

    He DESERVED WORSE. He cheated, he deserved it. So why is she being persecuted because she retaliated due to HIS CHEATING. I’m willing to bet that if had kept his “Johnson” in his pants she wouldn’t have done what she did. She’d have had no reason too. The reason she went to the club was b/c he was “dicking” a stripper who worked there. Therefore if he hasn’t been doing that she’d have had no reason to go to that club at all.

    So, his fault, hands down. As for the aforementioned “Stetson Guy”, why is everyone assuming she hooked up with this guy while still married? Who’s to say “Stetson Guy” didn’t enter the picture AFTER she divorced/separated? That makes more sense, especially considering that after she tossed $26,000.00 on the ex’s AMEX card it should be obvious that she didn’t really care about staying married to him.

    Word of advice though to the poster: It’s not always a good idea to share revenge stories with new beaus, actually, it’s NEVER a good idea to do that. Something’s are best kept to yourself.

    In the end though, hubby got what he deserved.

    Cheating Husband = 0

    Spurned Wife = 1

    Guys, (AND Gals) you’d be surprised what keeping it in your pants will do for your bank account.….

    And I’m shocked that a woman would EVER defend a man for this, much less call a woman crazy for seeking revenge. I guess it’s easy if its not YOU on the receiving end, but I wonder would you feel the same if it were YOU that was being cheated on.…

    • betty B

      If my husband cheated on me, I’d spend the $26k on myself, not on the whore he messed with. Her revenge was lame.

      • Isabella Mockery

        Yup, I would have bought myself a new car or a down payment on a separate residence for myself only./

    • Sanity

      The problem is that you don’t know what his cheating was retaliation for. She’s keeping that one quiet — but this article gives you a pretty good idea of what kind of woman she is. That you advise lying in future relationships about past “revenge” behaviour gives me a pretty good idea what kind of woman you are too. Hint: if you’re lying or hiding stuff about yourself so he doesn’t run, it’s not a relationship. But at least your advice shows that deep down you do in fact know what’s wrong with this story.

      • Jenn Uknowit

        there’s no excuse for cheating…revenge??? really??

    • BeejE

      The reason we all ‘assume’ she is cheating is because the same poster, Ms “Julz Afflair”, also wrote a long series of posts about her manipulative
      scheme to find a wealthy older man to take care of her before divorcing
      her husband. Stetson man is married, too, a fact which doesn’t bother Ms
      “Afflair” in the least. Read her post about shopping at Victoria’s
      Secret to see how much stock she puts in other people’s relationships
      and marriages. She literally flaunts her infidelity in front of Stetson
      man’s wife, and seems to blame her aging for her husband’s cheating. A
      bonus: it continues Ms “Afflair“‘s odd obsession with lip gloss. For the
      record, I know that this particular post was oddly promoted across
      multiple ‘social reader’ type sites, but you should be aware that
      basically this entire web site centres on glorifying cheating. I think
      you have found yourself in the wrong corner of the Internet, darling.

    • Jedidiah Bird

      Yes, she started seeing him after the divorce, however, she causes Stetson man’s wife to go through even worse than she had to go through.

      Not only that, she caused her son to commit suicide (read some of the later posts where she talks about her son dying.)

      • Kay-El

        where’s that article? I don’t even see who the author is for this

    • Sarah

      The Stetson guy was married when they got together. It’s the first line of the story.

    • Genevieve D

      Gosh you’re an idiot. She got mad at her husband for cheating but has no qualms about doing another woman’s husband and allowing him to cheat. What a hypocrite. To punish someone for cheating and then being a home wrecker at the same time.

    • SJF2

      And I hope the wife of the Stetson man is as understanding as you are and that she calls up the posting bimbo and they have a pity party, dreaming up ways to punish that “bastard” that couldn’t keep his Johnson in his pants. If he just would have kept his Johnson in his pants… Ya, he is sooo despicable and she has a right to hate him and punish him… Wait… wouldn’t the Stetson man’s life and that of his wife have been sooo much better if the poster had the common sense to not rest her ankles in her hoop earrings?

  • OMG

    for those of you that are stupid and can’t figure this out … Stetson Man is the man she was seeing after her and her husband BROKE UP … this is her second relationship … if you read “for fear that I would do to him what I did to my EX

    • BeejE

      Wrong. Read her other posts. She specifically went looking for a new lover before she divorced the husband.

  • Savta Purple

    Well you could have gotten into a threesome and had some fun. Your husband has probably not seen you like that. I agree a spa date for me and a minimum of at least 3 friends.

  • Mike Alan

    You don’t believe this bs, do you? Most people don’t have an extra 30k credit on their cards

  • Beverley Hamer

    I just loved this story, wish I could have thought of some of that. But I was never given the card in the first place,

  • Nikki

    To get revenge against your husband at the time for cheating with a stripper you… paid her & the people at the club who condoned the adulterous behavior? You paid her for helping your husband cheat not taught her a lesson. Doubt she was deterred from repeating that type of behavior. More likely did it even more hoping to bring in more thousands for herself & her workplace. Everyone in the VIP room & the club owner probably commended her for the help & extra dough. I’m all for the revenge part, against them both. And the wasting his $ for doing it, but there were better ways that could have benefited you better & not rewarded her.

    • DrMichael

      Revenge is petty and stupid, and only illustrates some of her very many character flaws that led this man to stray in the first place.

      • SJF2

        Ditto! Every story has two sides and I will guarantee that this woman is not being truthful about some, most or all of the real story. I believe that we would hear an entirely different story from her husband — not to say his story would be any more truthful but it would be vastly different. It would be interesting to find out which of her character flaws (good, condensed description!) caused her first divorce. The gall of that woman to judge her husband’s (supposed) behavior when she commits the exact same adulterous act as the (supposed) stripper. And, if she is running around with a rich man who has given her credit cards (plural!!) and let her live in his mansion, she is far worse than the stripper. Then to rattle-off her bizarre sexual behavior, in the guise of a “poor me” story, to the point where she gets this poor guy hot, thereby ensuring that she has him mesmerized with her humping prowess. Her husband may have had a tryst with a stripper but it sounds like the Stetson Man got himself a hooker.

  • Jenn Uknowit

    I think its awesome! personally i would have added to it an went to a male trip club, i wouldn’t want all that nasty ass near me. And a full on shopping spree before i left his nasty ass!

  • Defiant

    Um…how is putting your family $20K in debt revenge against your husband? Also, you mention that he cheated, but don’t list any examples of his cheating. Did he? Because going to a strip club is NOT cheating. He must not have been doing anything TOO dirty if you sat there and asked the stripper do the same things to you that she’s done to him. The penalty you meted out seems a bit steep for a dude just going to a strip club. Seems pretty reactionary. Very overboard. I’d bounce you out on your ear and then sue you for the $20K

    • Angel Ballard

      in part one it mentions her talking to her son and how he accidentally picked up the wrong phone and read inappropriate texts between his dad and some woman.

    • Justmyopinion

      Considering that the lip gloss and bottle cap was found in his car, I doubt he was just giving her a ride home, the only thing the story is lacking is that she left him, if the card was his responsibilty for him to pay and weighed nothing on her pocket book, and she left him in the dust, I for one think that this was a GREAT way to get back at him!!! Also, as soon as she said “do to me what you did to my husband” the stripper got up and ran away, so we never really did get to find out what she actually did.….

  • Donald Smith

    Anybody with a joint account is an idiot. Took me a long time to learn that.

    • Crimson Fox

      People who date people they have to fear sharing an account with are the idiots.

    • Jo. Unrau

      My husband & I have joint accounts for 31 yrs. & we’ve never had a problem with it. Have you ever heard the word honour ? From what I see There isn’t much of that around these days. That’s what’s wrong with the world now. If you don’t have trust & honour in marriage you shouldn’t be married.

  • Kay-El

    This is pathetic. Way to teach your son about women. Now you’re as guilty as your husband/ Wouldnt it have been easier to walk away? Do you not realize you just screwed yourself over with finances? This is just… wow…


    You got “revenge” by paying his stripper even MORE money ?! Your not very creative are you…? I couldn’t even finish this story, its idiotic. You completely lack common sense.


    Maybe your lovers wife will get revenge by giving you more money.…since that’s what you concider revenge…

  • diablo135

    I’m assuming this is just a fiction piece, kind of along the lines of a romance novel. The site received desperately needed hits at least.

  • Anne Brooks

    And now you are dating a married man… HYPOCRITE!!

  • Hope S

    Finds out husband is sleeping around.
    Goes on $26000 revenge rampage in VIP.
    Has an affair with a married man.
    Goes with married man to VIP in Vegas.
    Wonders why married man is untrusting.

    And the lesson to learn here is: Lie to the person you’re currently dating so he doesn’t see it coming…

    Maybe relationship advice isn’t your calling :/ Food for thought.

  • SJF2

    If she charged $26000 to his card and stupidly did it all in one place and all on the same receipt, the husband could get her to be responsible for the whole bill during the divorce. Also, seeing as there was no other such “blowout” in their financial history and taking into account the things that were purchased, the husband would have a very good chance that he could press theft and or fraud charges against her and win. And if her behavior in making this “purchase” were to be taken into account when sentencing, there could be punitive damages accessed as well.

  • SJF2

    Since this site pays people who submit stories, this post and the other posts from this lady are all BS. If you are going to write a series you have to have some sense of continuity. If you and your husband walk into a strip club together and in the course of your story, you start spending money wildly and your husband doesn’t get upset, then later, you go home, where you husband has now appeared with absolutely no supporting backstory, and slam the receipt down in front of him and he is THEN surprised and upset for your blowout at the strip club… Well, it’s called continuity and it’s something that’s learned by every writer, eventully…

  • Michael Racette

    Poorly written fiction.

  • Rudy Barron

    These people have the cash to jetset to Europe for weeks at a time yet she had her husband pick her and her friend up from the airport. It is possible but from the sense of entitlement she seems to display I would think she’d have a limo pick her up. As for the husband and her son mixing up their cell phones — i highly doubt that. And I got lost after she confronted her husband about the lipstick and bottle cap. How did she know it was a stripper? And what her name was? And what shift she worked? And what club? Also Stetson guy who owns a jet and is flying to Vegas for his birthday has never been to VIP in a strip club?!

    • Jo. Unrau

      Obviously this is a bunch of made up BS to see how many gullible fools she can con, then laugh her head off.

  • emma

    So this woman spent 26 thousand on her husband’s credit card for revenge for his cheating, and is now the other woman herself? She clearly learned nothing, and has no respect for her lover’s marriage.

    If her new boyfriend is freaked out enough to be changing passwords etc., her response should not be “I shouldn’t have told him these awful things about me” it should be “I shouldn’t have done those awful things in the past to create distrust between me and him”.

    This woman is clearly extremely immature, and the saddest part is there was a child dragged through this. The fact that her son had to watch his parents go through an explosive fight due to infidelity should be unacceptable. And now this “responsible” parent is jetsetting around with a married man. Shame on you.

    Another point I’d like to bring up is how disturbing her treatment of the stripper is. You don’t know that she had any idea she was dealing with a married man. It is not her fault, it’s the husbands. I would be terrified if some crazy woman grabbed me and got right up in my face the way this woman did. She had no right to be grabbing this woman in such a fashion. I feel sorry for this poor lady that she was forced to deal with such a mentally unstable customer, but I’m hoping the paycheck at the end of the night was compensation.

    The best revenge for cheating? Leaving.

  • mrsat

    Sounds just like an excerpt from True Confessions magazine…I’d say fake.

  • Angel Sierra

    I think cheating for the most part, is ok, if and only if, both parties are into that lifestyle. But, if either of the cheating spouses don’t know, then when they THINK the other spouse is cheating, but really have no Real evidence that the cheating occurred then, why bother going through all that hoopla. Making assumptions with lipstick. If I was certain the cheating occurred, then I would of taken that money and said it was lost, but really put it in offshore account, where he couldn’t access it; and, Just go on like nothing happened. But we are sometimes ruled by our egos that is when we go overboard and burn cars or do wild spending. But we all done it. She done what she had to do, way to go, sometimes we need support and less hate from others, even if we would not done it the same way.