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About Us

In 2012, on a business trip through Dubai, three men working for an Internet company had dinner at a high-end restaurant located in a well-known hotel. The three men sat at the only table where guests were not paired-up as couples. What became obvious was that the rest of the tables at the restaurant had one thing in common; the men were all older (and wealthy to be staying in this part of Dubai) while all the women where young (and yes, beautiful). The dinner cost just under $2,500 for three men.

Surrounding the restaurant were high-end stores. One of them, more popular than the rest, was a jewelry store that featured some of the most beautiful and expensive gold necklaces any of them had ever seen. And sure enough, most of those couples would wind up in that jewelry store after their dinner.

That’s where the concept for Earn the Necklace was born. We traveled back to North America and spent the next few months coming up with a plan for our business and web site, and launched it as a forum where women from around the world could share their experience of being in a relationship with an older man. In no time, we hit one million visitors a month. We were featured in the New York Post and Daily Mail. We then converted to a matchmaking site with the goal of matching young, beautiful women with wealthy, mature men. The rest is history.

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