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At EarnTheNecklace.com, you’ll find the latest news on everything to do with today’s hottest 35+ celebrities. No bias and no agenda. We’re not just another celebrity news site. Instead, we’re changing the way readers get their fix of entertainment news and gossip. On EarnTheNecklace.com, you’ll find the latest headlines for all your favorite celebrities, but without the sleaze. And not just Hollywood—we cover everything from big-screen stars and artists, to athletes, politicians, and Wall Street bigwigs.

EarnTheNecklace.com is helping to drive the way celebrity news and culture is covered in the media. We’re not a tabloid, we’re a news outlet. Our goal at EarnTheNecklace.com is to connect everyday readers like yourself to the mature celebrities you’ve grown to love.

Editorial Team

Aileen Cullen

Ever since Aileen was a child, she wanted to be a part of the showbusiness community. She’s appeared in numerous films and worked with such actors as Tom Sizemore and Mercedes Ruehl. She likes to keep her pulse on the latest celebrity news and is constantly on the lookout for the latest scoop when it comes to Hollywood.


Amanda Cabral

Amanda has always been fascinated about celebrities. She’s always on the lookout for the latest news and gossip to give to her readers with a unique twist. She’s spent time in the fashion world, one of the industries that always has its pulse on celebrity news, so she knows where to go to find you the latest celebrity news.


Elena Nicosia

Elena has always loved the celebrity lifestyle. Whether its jetsetting to Italy, lounging by her pool or sipping a cocktail on her condo balcony overlooking Miami, Elena appreciates the finer things in life, just like the celebrities she writes about at Earn The Necklace. Elena’s been an active member of the publishing world since 2001.


Jackie Bonaventura

Jackie is one of the hardest working women in the business. She’s relentless in her pursuit of the facts and doesn’t take no for an answer. With 12 years of experience working for a global information marketing firm, she puts a unique spin on what the celebrities are REALLY doing behind the scenes.


Michela Lombardi

From the early days of her childhood when her parents used to take her to Broadway shows, Michela has been obsessed with actors and the celebrity status they achieve. Having personally met many celebrities, she realized that most of them are just normal people, often even shy. But their mass exposure through TV, the Internet, and social media—not to mention the impact these celebrities have on their fans—has been a phenomena central to many papers she has written on the subject. Michela currently studies Health at the University of Toronto.