6 Ways to Get What You Want From Your Older Man Without Giving Him What He Wants: Part 7

  By: - June 15, 2013 6 Ways to Get What You Want From Your Older Man Without Giving Him What He Wants: Part 7

Au Natural.

By their very nature, sugar daddy relationships are mutually satisfying.  And he should have no problem giving you what you want. That also means he has no problem giving you what he wants. Unfortunately, there are times when age will prevail, and nature gets in the way—he just can’t perform, no matter how hard he tries.

Tell him that there are just certain times when you want to know that you excite him.  Tell him that you don’t want him to have to rely on the little blue pill to get the night rolling. You want him to find you sensual and sexy, that you want to be desired naturally, not with the help of a drug.

After all, your self-esteem can only take so much. What does it say when he has to take a pill to get turned on? If he can’t get there naturally, you don’t want to have to rely on a pharmaceutical company, at least not all the time, and especially not on the night that you just want some time off. No, tonight you just want to cuddle instead.

In any type of relationship, there are expectations. When it comes to sex, there are times when it’s all about quality, not quantity. Sometimes, it has to happen at our own pace, and in our own time. Sadly, this can mean the odd restless, sleepless nights for our sugar daddies. Often times, though, sugar babies are willing to give their sugar daddies what they want. It’s a small price to pay for the freedom, and because older men have a wealth of experience to draw on, the experience in the bedroom can be just as satisfying for us as it is for them.

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